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Job Search Video Tip Series

Resume Tips - Keywords and why they're important
Resumes - keywords and why they're important


Resume Tips - Quantifying your experience
Resumes - quantifying your experience


LinkedIn - the must join social network for jobseekers
LinkedIn - Must join social network for jobseekers


Hiring Managers - The buyer in your job search
Hiring Managers - the 'buyer' in your job search

How to show experience even if you don't have any
Job Experience - showing it, even if you don't have any


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Don't target companies in your job search
Don't target companies
[available same day as sign up]


Who's in your network
Who's in your network
[available 1 day after sign up]


Company research before the interview
Company research before the interview
[available 2 days as sign up]


The phone interview
The phone interview
[available 3 days after sign up]


Follow up after the phone interview
Follow up after the phone interview
[available 4 days after sign up]


Evidence of sucess
Evidence of success
[available 5 days after sign up]


The 30/60/90 day plan
The 30/60/90 day plan
[available 6 days after sign up]


Closing in the interivew
Closing in the interview
[available 7 days after sign up]


Asking great questions in the interview
Asking great questions in the interview
[available 8 days after sign up]


Preparing your references
Preparing your references
[available 9 days after sign up]


References - what are they asked
References - what are they asked
[available 10 days after sign up]


Follow up after the face-to-face
Follow up after the face-to-face
[available 11 days after sign up]


Salary negotiation
Salary negotiation
[available 12 days after sign up]



  1. Dawn Brooks

    Great videos! Any suggestions on the suggested resume key words, specifically for medical sales?
    Many thanks!

  2. Ella Jou

    I ove the video..wish they were longer

  3. Lawrence Patterson

    Enjoyed the video and was very informative. Still having a few problems in finding the correct keywords for my profession. (RUS/REA OSP Construction Inspector) or (OSP Fiber Optic Splicing) Any suggestions?

  4. Leeann

    I liked the video on Keywords and showing experience when you don't have any. Very helpful in my thinking about my profile. The quantifying yourself not to helpful mostly cause the examples don't apply to my industry. The other two were just repeats of information that was in the presentation.

  5. Cassie

    I really enjoyed attending your webinar this morning and am very excited about the tips that I learned! I am seriously considering buying your products. I graduated college last year and still cannot find a job. Right now, I work two part-time jobs, one of which, as a sem intern. I suppose I can put my sem knowledge to my LinkedIn profile, as well as my online portfolio. I could also do keyword research to use on my resume. Thank so much Peggy!!! 🙂

  6. Carrie Wilkey

    Google AdWords Keywords Tools might be helpful to find your industry keywords.

  7. Frank

    I liked your tips on getting job experience when it's lacking.

  8. Lori

    I will be using the YouTube idea, Thanks!

  9. Karen Morales

    Can the ATS system pick up key words off of a pdf or should my resume be sent in word format?

    • Membership Director

      It is better to send it in MS Word format - that is the standard for the industry.

  10. Natalie

    Loved the idea of the 30/60/90 day plan. A great way to stand out from all the other candidates.

  11. Emelda LLenas

    I liked the advice you provided when we can go to Youtube to get information on an area or industry new to us, when we have a new career and we do not experience at all, you advised to get information on Youtube. I believe this could be very helpful in my case because i am a Collector in finance, but I graduated in Healh Information Technology totally different; and I do not have any experience in the medical field. So i am goitg to continue watching your videos.
    Thank you, Peggy!!
    Emelda LLenas

  12. Pamella Hennigan

    Thanks for the short version with key points! With so much to do in job seeking, and "too much experience" for some and "not enough experience" for others, I appreciate the tips on getting experience in a new area and the importance of putting those buzz words on the resume. Thanks!

  13. Gino Saer

    Thanks for the information is very valuable.

  14. Liz Andrew

    Thanks for the webinar today - lots of good info. I plan on buying the program as soon as I can.

  15. Debra Thelen

    I thought the videos were more of the webinar and not specific enough. Sorry I think they are not long enough.

    • Membership Director

      Debra - the videos are designed to be short, 1.5 to 2 minutes tips on a single, focused topic. There are 18 or more of them covering specific topics. You can get a quick cogent tip in less than 2 minutes on a single subject that is of interest to you - all for FREE!

      If you would like more in-depth information, you should check out our fee-paid products and job search tools. Good luck in your search.

  16. Michael Miller

    There is a pearl in every video...I like the length...short, sweet, to the point.

  17. Membership Director

    @ Michael Miller Thanks for the feedback.

  18. Teresa Dorritie

    I think there is something in most, if not all videos. The one thing that I believe would make a better video is to give real examples more often. I think it would be helpful to have real examples rather than to keep saying "xyz', or in job 'x' or in situation 'y'. I think this would have a big impact on how insightful, and thus helpful the videos would be. I know they are supposed to be short and could remain so, at most 20 seconds additional time added. Just my 2 cents....

  19. Carl Fraley

    Do you count Recruiters as "Hiring Managers"? I have not had favorable results with Recruiters. Then again, I have not implemented the HJF strategies until recently.

  20. Carl Fraley

    To help clarify my question: It seems that Recruiters have sort of a dual role. They may act as "hiring managers" while wearing an "HR hat". Before I purchased HJF, my experience with recruiters was negative. So, I'm a bit hesitant to contact them. @ Carl Fraley

    • Membership Director

      Recruiters are not really hiring managers, they should be no more than about 15 - 20% of your search effort. HJF is designed to get your resume and information in front of your future boss. That is where the magic will happen.

  21. Jeff P

    Re: Closing in face to face interviews. What do you do when you ask the closing questions but the interviewers don't answer it, or answer it with something like "I need to confer with the other interviewers first and then we'll get back to you." I've been seeing more and more hiring managers not answering this question for fear of, what I feel, confrontation or saying something that they shouldn't say.

    • Membership Director

      Jeff - you need to ask a question that they can't defer or put off. Ask directly by saying, "I understand that you must confer, however, based upon our discussion, is there any reason that you wouldn't give your strongest recommendation that I move forward?"

      When you do that, you show that you are very interested in the job, and that you can control the interview. You also are giving respect to their process, while directly asking for the interviewer's perspective. You are entitled to that. It will also help you discover any objections that would derail your candidacy.

  22. Nausheel Unnadkat

    Really helpful 2 min video tips. Very comprehensive towards job search covering many aspects starting from resume building to follow up after phone interview and salary negotiation.

  23. Amy Brazier

    The videos were very informative and helpful! I will try to keep these tips in mind when going to an interview. Thanks!

  24. Andrew Bello

    Very dissatisfied. Good 5 first tips. Signed up and was presented the same 5 tips.

    • Membership Director

      Andrew, not sure what happened, but when you sign up, you get 5 free tips. When you fill out the demographic form (which helps us understand our audience) you get a tip per day for the next 15 days. All of that is FREE. I have looked up your account and I see that you indeed filled out the demographic survey and have been given access to 4 more videos. To access them, all you have to do is visit My Products Page and log in using you email address and the password we emailed you. Then expand the "Your FREE Gifts - Job Search Tips" prodcut widget, then click the 'Watch the next 15 Tips" button.

      Please let me know if you need anything else. You can email me at carl [at] careerconfidential [dot] com

  25. David Bozek

    How do we get the contact info for the actual Hiring Manager? In many cases, this info is NOT published, so getting "around HR" is next to impossible. I have searched and tried in EVERY way I know of, to get their name, and it doesn't not seem to work in many cases. In one case I have the name of a company, and even even have an idea of the Hiring Mgr title, but I cannot get a name or email address, or phone number.

  26. Harry Husted

    I love the videos. The only problem is you speak very fast and sometimes it is hard to keep up with you. Overall, great information.

  27. Yvonne Hewins

    I can't believe how much I had forgotten! Thank you for helping me to refocus and hopefully find my next opportunity more easily.

  28. Ouma Edith esther achieng

    Its nice getting to know you and knowing that help may come my way ,accessing the resources you have availed to assist people like me who are trying to get a second job placement in a foreign country at such a time when competitions are high and standards have also been raised,thanks once again i would love to keep in touch until and even after success comes my way.Edith

  29. Maddie Timonte

    Great recommendations in a conscience presentation! Thank you for advice!

  30. Daniel Amezquita

    I yes close my in person interview with the right ? and an indication of moving forward.
    how long I have to wait in order to send a thank you note.
    I thank you for your feed-back and I like to share, hope is all right since I yes get to Know career c... and Linkedin
    Daniel A.

  31. Gail

    I especially appreciate the video on showing job experience even if you don't have it as I want to change fields.

  32. Goodney Zapp

    The most useful of these first 5 tips for me is "Job Experience - showing it even if you don't have any". Why? Because a broad background over 30 years, 7 very different companies, some small, some Fortune, in no specific industry - not only is it difficult to focus on the next career target, it is difficult to represent that and communicate that to the hiring manager. Four great ideas here.

  33. Lisa Colwill

    Such good information so far! Looking forward to a webinar later this week.

  34. Richard Werling

    I thought the video was short, to the point, and accurate. It helped me to reinforce the fact that my answer would have been right on target, while giving the suggestion to add a bit more detail on specifically how I would help the company advance in the achievement of their goals. Thank you, and I look forward to reviewing other blog entries.

  35. Lori Kelledjian

    Not too impressed with your video on playing up your experience when you don't have any. For someone like me with 27 yrs in the Telecom industry, I don't need to be competing with "wannabes" who don't know anything. Certain fields demand hands on experience and faking it doesn't make it. I know of enough people in my industry that claim that they know what they are doing and in reality...don't know a thing. The push for certifications has made this situation even worse. Someone can just study enough for a test, take the cert exam and pass and get a job based on that qualification. This job market is completely messed up and I am fed up with having to keep competing with younger job seekers who think that just because they passed an exam they actually know what they are doing. Funny thing is,they usually get hired because their salary demands are lower than mine. Whatever happened to hiring the person who can actually do the job?

    • Membership Director

      Lori, sorry that you take offense at our advice to help people who are trying to transition from one industry to another. I understand that you find it distasteful and difficult to compete with youngsters who don't have the same level of experience as you, nor the same salary demands.

      However, our advice would be for you to work hard at showing YOUR value is well above your salary demands. People in business generally want the best value, not necessarily the lowest price. If you do a great job of explaining how you can answer the hiring manager's greatest need, and provide the best value, I think it will pay great dividends for you. I would suggest that you check into using a 30/60/90 Day Action Plan

  36. Grzegorz Prokop

    Guys you are very professional in what you doing for as. Videos are short but very meaningful. Every problem has a solution especially that we create them all..
    Many Thanks.

  37. Alyssa Sudhi

    I really appreciate the advice and tips from the videos. I sometimes get loading issues though; does anyone else have video loading problems like I do?

  38. Steven Wolf

    Insightful and informative quick tips. Thanks

  39. Chanda Babbitt

    These are all practical tips that we sometimes forget when looking for a new job. The ideas are ones each job seeker needs to put into action if you are serious about getting a new job. They are small clips, but the big picture is how to get in the mindset of a true job seeker.

  40. Stacy May

    Hi Career Confidential Team,

    Thank you for your valuable insights and guidance.

    I want to know how to answer a few questions in the best way possible.

    1. Why do you want to get into this field?

    I share my reason "To use my strong sales skills and relationship building skills in a field I am passionate about that helps people's health and well being where I am top in my region and can grow to be in the top 5% of the company within 2 years or less." I am then pressed three more times about my reason which makes me feel as if I'm not getting at what they hope to hear.

    2. Why are you leaving your last position? I share the same answer as well as I want the opportunity a large company offers such as R&D, marketing department, opportunity for 401k, to earn more income and work on a team, which again I am pressed three more times, what am I missing that they want to hear?

    3. Why did your numbers go down 5% from 110% what happened and why you no want to work for yourself comes up again when they ask if it is my own company?

    I'll say how I overcame and brought numbers back up again and that I want the opportunities that a larger company offers. I keep getting pressed, what do they want to hear that I can say???

    How do I share my situation and still be a viable choice? Do I say something different, share something about my story, please help.

    I want to buy your products 30/3=60/90 day and medical sales interviewing and any other pertinent topics, I am not in a position right now financially to do so, who do you know who may be able to sponsor me that I can pay back?

    Thank you,


  41. Kiel Blondell

    These videos are great, I am unemployed almost a year after graduating with honors, i need to nail it this time. Thanks again.

  42. Freda Paterson

    I especially liked the tips on how to change career.

  43. Dexter G. Goode

    The videos were helpful and informative. Thank you.

  44. Kimberley Sproule


    My background is hotel marketing and public relations but am now looking beyond this industry for employment opportunities, as I have been unemployed for almost two years.

    I notice that the CV example shown is the traditional chronological format. I am Canadian and am applying for managerial positions within Canada, which I have been advised by experts to use a format which following an objective expands on skills i.e.: Writing, Communication, Public Relations and Marketing, and Management, with work history bullet pointed on second page.

    What is your opinion of this format with HR Directors in the Canadian market and can you suggest a variety of "key words" to use.

    Thank you.

  45. Surinder Lamba

    Hi Peggy,

    Although the content of the videos is highly useful, I am continuing to have difficulty in being able to watch a 1.5 minute video in one go (I have been trying over the last three days). The video runs for 4-5 seconds and then stops for some 15 seconds, and this process continues to repeat until the very end. Quite frustrating. I don't have this problem with You Tube or any other video presentation. Any suggestions, thanks.

  46. Emmanuel

    The videos are great and very informative. Thank you for giving me a new focus. Looking forward for my new opportunity.

    Thank Yoou,


  47. Dee

    Actually, I knew about the information in the first 4 videos, but the "Transitioning" video was helpful for me as I'm moving from PM work into BA. I too would like to discover the best keywords for this field, but I sense already that simply looking at job posting requirements would be useful to find them.

  48. Glenn Wiener

    A very good initial impression. New information that will take time to sink in but get you to think outside the box.

  49. Mikko Tapio Regina

    Hi Peggy,
    Very good and practical quidance to apply for Job Hunt. I would like to evaluate relevant keywords expansion related to my professional and sales background which comes from IVD (In Vitro diagnostics; immunoassays, clinical chemistry, microbiology, virology, hemostasis, coagulation, hematology, infectious diseases, therapeutic drug testing, drug of abuse testing, plasma proteins, urinalysis, point-of-care, organ transpalantation diagnostics, cardiovascular diagnostics), molecular diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, Medical Devices, Pharma, business development management, budget planning, new product development, product launches,molecular biology sales, Life Science sales..... etc which can be applied due to my experience.
    Obviously I should focus on certain sectors related to the applied position? I have been in multiple interviews but second place is not a great accomplishment in the final lap.

  50. Joanna

    Hi Peggy,
    I enjoyed the quick video tips. They were very informative. I have two questions. First, on Linkedin, etc. should I show job experiences after ten years? Last, may you provide me with a coulple of keywords for a "stay-at-home" mom re-entering the workforce after eight years. Thanks,

  51. Patricia Vanden Eynde

    Many thanks for your great tips on the video´s

  52. Brenda

    The video on References just did not help much. I am not able to get references from past employers as it is not "allowed". Any calls for References to my previous companies go through HR and they give the standard line of yes she worked for us for x amount of time. So what choices do I have for references??

  53. Marie Taylor


    The videos are great! I used the longer video about the LinkedIn Profile in order to help with me networking. The 15 short videos were valuable to me, as I had an interview for a great position last week. I followed up immediately with a Thank you note two hours after the interview. I want to be called in for the second final interview. The supervisor had five more interviews to do this week. Then the top three will interview with the department heads. Any last minute advice to secure a spot in the final three to be interviewed?



  54. Flavio Matsuyama

    Hi, I could not see neither the seminar nor the video, because it is cutting the sound of the presentation.
    thank you for the sample material, but for me it did not work.

    Is there any other way to me watch the complete presentation without interruptions on sound continuity?

    Thank you.

    Flavio Matsuyama \

    • Membership Director

      Please contact our support reps using Live Help so they can help you connect.

  55. Sylvia

    Hi Peggy! Enjoyed the webinar this morning and the accompanying videos; very practical and applicable tips. I am at a cross-roads right now in my job search whereupon I am contemplating the need to re-invent myself such that there may be opportunities to apply my skills and abilities in a new area of practice that I am either not looking at nor preparing my resume for. I am a member of LinkedIn, so that is a good step; need to really look at what it is I can sell to a potential buyer.

  56. Youre so cool! I dont suppose Ive read something like this before. So good to search out any person with some unique thoughts on this subject. realy thank you for beginning this up. this website is one thing that is wanted on the net, someone with a bit originality. helpful job for bringing one thing new to the internet!

  57. Rasheed Ahmad

    Thanks for your great tips ...

  58. Leesa Bartoletta

    Great information as always, especially the UTube and conferences. Appreciate your specific details.

  59. Mary laffrey

    really liked the info in the salary neg. tip. very useful, thanks!

  60. Subodh Benipuri

    Hi Peggy,

    These videos are really wonderful and energetic in a sense that the short description on each topic is like "MANTRA"

    It's really highly appreciated that the kind of input on these Videos are more powerful and useful for GOOD OUTPUT.


  61. Brian Powell

    Great videos! Any suggestions on the suggested resume key words, specifically for a construction Administrator for an Architectural firm?

  62. N. Steven Levine

    You have really wet my appetite. My experience has been with state and local government the last 15 years and a real expert in what I would call a "gov't nitch position". I am the best at a specialty that government needs that can also be valuable to priv. firms as well. Is there a way to interest them in you without a position already being open for recruiting or continue to market myself to private firms as well?

  63. K Bertrand

    @Lawrence Patterson
    Get keywords from job aggregate sites like Indeed or SimplyHired. Enter the job title, set the location to ALL (you don't care where the job is for this step) and collect all the job descriptions that come up. Then cut and paste keywords and phrases to a Word doc for selection into your resume and LI profile. What's nice about this is these are the words hiring managers and recruiters actually use when they look for people like you.

  64. Ronald Carter

    Short, sweet and useful.

  65. Syrous Saboori

    Very helpful tips, I specially liked the salary negotiation tips a lot. I've always struggled answering that question. Thank you,

  66. Jackie Weinstein

    These videos have been a great help. Do you have any suggesting for keyword example for administrative assistant or receptionist that I can used.

  67. Marijke Ver

    Very good tips. I was already doing this and now I now for sure I am on the right track. Thanks.

  68. Becky

    How do you quantify your conbtribution when you are 1 employee in 1000 all of who contribute to cost reduction, customer satisfaction, etc.? We collect all those metrics for the company.

  69. Alson Cruz

    That really helps us! 🙂 Big help specially for newly grad.

  70. Brian Dayton

    I especially liked the ideas of how to show experience, even if you don't have any. Love your videos! Keep up the excellent work!

  71. Kevin Kelly

    @Dawn Brooks
    Impressed with the Videos I've seen so far, short & to the Point! ..of course i take notes....

  72. Christine Maiocchi

    the system is not compatible with aol so I do not have access

    • Membership Director

      The system is compatible with AOL, we have hundreds of customers that use AOL. Please contact our Live Chat so they can help you.


    Love the videos. They are short and to the point.

  74. Rebecca Joos

    How do you negotiate a salary when the cost of living is substantially higher at the hiring location (e.g., Midwest to West coast)?

  75. Al Campos

    Thanks for the videos! They are very helpful. Although I have accomplished some of the pointers mentioned, I picked up on new ideas for my resume. Will definitely watch the rest...

  76. Angelina

    Very useful videos! Thank you!

  77. Jian Sha

    Valuable advice. I really want to see more! Thank you for sharing.

  78. Linda Fraschilla

    Thank you for the tips. I like they are quick and to the point.

  79. William Bell

    My present career is a Senior Medical Scientist/Laboratory Manager working in Pathology. Since moving from a major city to a regional country area I am finding it difficult to obtain a job. There is a position advetised recently in a allied health field for an After Hours Project Officer to assist in improving the coordination and integration of health, community and wefare services making it simpler for those that need care in their rural communities to access health care.Can you help me with responding to this position as it is different from working in a laboratory. I can attach PD plus my Resume if helpful-William


    High informative and thanks a lot..Any tips for salary negotiation for a beginner?

  81. Pamela

    As a career services professional,I like your video of the three I viewed:
    LinkedIn - Must join social network for jobseekers
    This is helpful introduction. I recommend adding site where the person can learn to craft an effective profile.
    Hiring Managers - the 'buyer' in your job search
    This was helpful to get the person in the mindset and be efficient during the interview.
    Job Experience - showing it, even if you don't have any
    I like this one the best of the 3. I offten recommend similair techniques to my job seekers. My motto is in good or challenging economic times you must do the same things to find a job and the right career match.

    Continue the good work. I will recommend your site to others.

  82. Dolores

    I am worried about evidence of success... I only have reference letters!..
    My bosses were very pleased by my work... but dont have any proof!
    Emails are kept at your job place not yr personal computer! thank you

    • Career Coach

      Dolores, you have to do the best you can with what you have. Don't worry. Reference letters can be very helpful. If you can get those previous bosses to give you a great phone reference, that is very strong evidence of your success and will count for a lot.

  83. Charles

    I enjoyed the videos. They were short but informative - brought home some ideas that you would think are common knowledge but you just needed to hear them again.

  84. Jaquie Daniels

    I have just been watching the video on showing job experience. I will try out the suggestions, but am wondering what is the best way to get an opportunity to job shadow, especially as I am not working at the moment. Looking forward to the next 15 tips.

  85. Paul Polk

    Thank you, Peggy, for the interview tips videos. Love this format of short videos, each one hitting on an important topic. Just had an interview yesterday (that went well) and was able to use some of the tips from your videos. Thank you again!



    Thank you. I felt that the Webinar and follow up information was good information, presented well by people who care.

  87. Ravindra Mohan

    I liked your very relevant tips..

  88. Leyla harir

    Really helpful 2 min video tips. Very comprehensive towards job search covering many aspects starting from resume building to follow up after phone interview and salary negotiation.

  89. Emily Thrap

    I especially liked the fifth video on how to show job experience even if you don't have it. I was wondering if these tips can apply to the process of applying to graduate schools in psychology?

    • Career Coach

      Emily--sorry, but I don't think I'm the person to help you with that one.

  90. Sandra Culpepper

    Thanks Peggy for the short but valuable videos. I gained a lot of good information for my next job interview. Thanks:)

  91. I not too long ago got here throughout your weblog and have been reading along. I assumed I would depart my first comment. I don’t know what to say besides that I've loved reading. Nice weblog, I will preserve visiting this weblog very often.

  92. Sandra Berzina



    Besides the two previous supervisors, Could previous key clients that we have worked to, also be a good references as well ?

    • Career Coach

      It could, in a pinch, but it's not as good as a supervisor reference.

  94. Glen

    These videos have been a great help. Do you have any suggesting for keyword example for administrative assistant or receptionist that I can use?

    • Career Coach

      How about: organized, clerical, system, projects, managing, and whatever software programs you are proficient in?

  95. Peter

    Very helpful advice.
    Hopefully I am about to land a job, otherwise I would be signing up for the full program.

  96. Abdul Amir Alnajafi

    I'm in functioning for searching job offer from NZ and I think these video show me the right way to go forward ...Thank You

  97. Megan Anderson

    Peggy. Excellent videos. Any advice on what to say to the hiring managers once you contact them?

  98. Cornelia Wakhanu

    I like your videos and materials. They are really helpful. Most times we have the knowledge and skills but how to present them on a peice of paper like CV, resume/Cv is a problem. the same goes tpo how we present during the interview is an issue. You find people talking about the professional knowledge when the skills are the best. After all you went through the training and we are working already. everyone on the shortlist is profesionally qualified but the other skills will vary I agree with you. the interviewers are looking for difference in between us all. thanks for all these from your materials.

  99. Deborah Stelle

    @Lori Kelledjian
    Lori, in tne profession I work certification is recommended and is often a requirement to keep a position or not. However, to become certified in most specialty areas we are required to have a period of experience in that area usually 2 years and must then sit for the certification exam. As I am certified in several areas I must say that it is not as easy as studing materials and taking a test without the actual experience to go along with it. It is also costly to take the certification tests so it takes dedication on the part of the individual to become certified. When I have hired persons for specific positions and have several equally capable it often comes down to certification and how they intend to keep it active. I do not know about all areas of employment but in the medical field certification is a plus. Debbie


    Peggy: It has always been a practice of mine to daily commit to giving compliments wherever I can. Today I extend my compliments to you and your team. Yesterday I watched your video as my first exposure to you and your company and I am so impressed. The ease of use and functionality of this membership site is by far the best I have seen compared to your two competitors: G.W and P.R. Thank You!


    I enjoyed the first 3 videos that I looked at, and I was aware of many of those tips already. But how do I find the hiring managers and how do I approach them? I have LinkedIn account but I am wondering if it is rude to just try to contact a person that may be a hiring manager>

  102. Sharon

    I attended a free 1-week workshop in July 2012 in Simi Valley, CA with several volunteers presenting on how to search for a job opportunity and how to create a good resume and interview. Your presentation would be valuable to send out to the members on their Linked In website when you have another session. I came across the flyer at a coffee house on the day that they were having the first session, but did not attend until the next day since it was already to-late to register. Let me know if you would like to access the Association Group page. Review the link regarding this information:


    Dear Peggy McKee,
    I agree that the key words to grab attention in the readers interest in your resume is very important.

    I agree to quantify actual dollar results in your achivements are more powerful than you stating you helped improve in a specific area.

    The social network of LinkedIn will positively help me uncover the hidden jobs that I cannot find on the internet job boards.

    The approach that I am the product to sell to the hiring manager is a key perspective on the way I communicate my abilities to perform the job.

    The different ways to research an industry I want to learn with YouTube, reading blogs, attending trade shows and job shadowing will help me pick up some of the industries language.

    Thank you, Peggy McKee for these beneficial tips!

    Thank you,
    Bill Showalter


    Dear Peggy,
    Thank you for sharing these tips with us. I enjoyed it!
    I like "google alerts" tip but I am having problem finding "google alert" link. I created an account and for some reason on my google web site I don't have advance searce or alerts. I checked my settings still can't find it.
    I would appreciate any help with this.
    Thank you so much,

  105. Michael

    Dear Peggy McKee,

    I value your career insight and understanding and the steps to make us successful. The videos are great and short and to the point.

    Michael Allen


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    To target a company of interest is OK, put contacting the hiring manager is the key! Great tip!

    To think of my network beyond past associates I have worked with, school, church, family members, kids friend's parents, former vendors are great ideas to expand my network, to lead to jobs or to add a skill set!

    To perform company research as you stated has great value before you have an interview because it shows that as a candidate I am serious about landing a position with that company. Great tip!

    Tips to prepair and have ready for the phone interview are great, and to send a Thank You note is great. I have not though of sending a Thank You note after a phone interview. Great tip to show interest in the position!

    Thank you,


    Dear Peggy,
    Bringing Evidence of Success to the interview, is a great idea to show proof of past achivements to the hiring Manager!

    The 30/60/90 day plan is a terrific way to demonstrait, understanding of the job, I can do the job, I will do the job and I pose no threat to the hiring Manager job for hiring me!

    The closing statement is a great way to reinforce that as a candidate I want the job and want to know if there are items that need to be cleared up before I leave the interview.

    Preparing before the interview to ask questions is important as you stated to show creativity on what the challenges will be for the job, the past person in the position on how they did or what they lacked to make them successful.

    Thank you,
    Bill Showalter


    This is great advice to contact my previous Managers to have a conversation on my strengths from previous positions before the hiring or HR manager contacts them for a work reference about me.

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    Bill Showalter

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    I'm an RN worked in one place for 32 + years in hospital ER making good money and was fired only to a zero tolerance policy which had many aspects to it including not proved my mistake and had a medical component along with system failures and then an temp manager comes in and starts writing up for every little thing and out the door I am without getting my side of the investigation.

    What is the proper way when applications are asking reason for leaving? I've been putting in let go willing to discuss in person. I'm not even getting unemployment and no check for 10 weeks. No reserves either.
    I do have an interview coming up next week.

    thank you

    • Career Coach

      When changing jobs, you want to keep the focus on what you're running TO, not what you're running FROM, as much as possible. Good luck with your interview!

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    Thank you for great job search video tips. It seems that Finding a hiring manager is the first important step. I wonder if these tips are also useful for people who are looking for a research position. Thank you!


    As you stated after the face to face interview following-up with a Thank You
    e-mail within 24 hours is critical. To give reasons why I feel that I am a great fit for the position based upon my education and work experiences. To bring up why the hiring manager was unsure to hire me for such and such reasons and then comment that I can solve the problem with such and such is a good insight for me.

    As far a salary negotiation to never bring-up what I expect in compensation is good, because the employer will have the upper hand if I shoot to low. To side step the question of salary is a good tactic to avoid putting myself in a corner to give the interviewer a number. To speak about my last position and the new position as far as differences in responsibility is important as far as negotiating salary.

    I believe these are great tips.

    Thank you,
    Bill Showalter


    Absolutely love the 90 day plan for the interview, I will use it on tomorrow's interview. Will post results following the interview.

  115. Kurt Boyle

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    You give an example of a company with only one opening in one location. Hiring managers, I believe may be limited to what they can offer due to company policies, budgets, etc. I do know that some hiring managers are responsible for multiple company locations - is that why you say to target hiring managers?

    • Career Coach

      If you target the "company," you'll almost certainly be dealing with HR...not bad folks, but they are gatekeepers. They are much more likely to tell you "No," unless you are a letter-perfect fit. The hiring manager is the one who can see transferable skills, and who has the biggest incentive to move fast and who has the power to say "Yes." The bottom line is, the hiring manager is the one with the power to interview and hire you, not HR.

      I have a free webinar where I teach all about this...why it works and how to do it. You can get the details and register here:


    Results: I have now used the business plan approach with 2 companies I have interviewed with, company 1 I have scheduled the next interview for Dec 18, company 2 interview I did not move forward. 1 out of 2, so far so good. Will contiue to utilize this approach and I plan to adjust the business plan now that I have more information I can validate from the 1st interview. Working great. Thanks for your insight.

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    I have sent out over 100 1st contact messages and have only had responses from 2. It appears that many of the individuals I've contact may look at my profile, but never message me. Do you have any suggestions? I am continuing to add managers.

    • Career Coach

      If you don't have contact info for your previous managers, your best bet is to try to find them on LinkedIn or Facebook and send them a message asking for their contact information. If you can't find them directly, maybe you can think of someone else who used to work with them who might know how to find them?

      If you know that people are looking at your profile but not contacting you, then there are a couple of things to consider. First, are you targeting the right managers? Make sure the people you contact are really the appropriate ones for you--your future boss or your future boss's boss. Second, you might need to take another look at your profile. Does it sell you? Is it strong? Does it hit the highlights rather than giving them your entire resume? I don't think it's a good idea to put your whole resume on LinkedIn, because then they have less of a reason to call and find out more. I really recommend that you get the LinkedIn Profile Tutorial and go through it to make sure you have your profile set up to "sell" you. Find it here:

      Good luck!

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    thanks, David

    • Career Coach

      I'm glad you're enjoying the videos, and I'm thrilled you're looking into contacting hiring managers! But, the idea for targeting hiring managers is not to just wait for a listing and try to figure out who the company is--it's to contact the companies directly, specifically contacting your potential boss or boss's boss, to introduce yourself. You do that regardless of whether or not they have a job posted online. So how do you do that? LinkedIn is a great tool for that--here's a blog article I wrote about using LinkedIn to find a job: But I also created a step-by-step tool to help job seekers with this: The Hidden Jobs Finder . It tells you exactly how to find these hiring managers using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google, and it tells you what to say to them when you do. It even tells you how to keep up this conversation with them in a positive, impressive way. I encourage you to go check it out. It will make a fast, dramatic difference in your success. Best of luck!

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    • Job Expert

      My best advice is to keep looking and keep trying...and be glad you're not working for people who won't value your experience. There are employers out there who will.

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    • Job Expert

      Look at all the job postings that would apply to you and notice what words or terminology they use. Those are the "key" words they are looking for.


    Very good tips. How to scan the key words of any job posting?. There are any software to do that?. If you know, let me know, please?

    • Job Expert

      Sorry, I don't know of any software you can use. I think that's a 'do it yourself' job.

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    Thanks for sharing such a useful tips and tricks. Certainly I will use them in my job research and during my interviews.
    Though sometimes we might get lost during this period, we should never give up and just trying and keeping up. For sure there is a job for us.

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    • Job Expert

      The best way is to look at job descriptions for positions you would be interested in. That's the language and the key words you should be using.

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      Steve, I'm glad you're enjoying the videos. We're sorry you're having technical issues. You're the first one to report this issue. Right now it doesn't seem like the problem is on our end, but we will monitor it.

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      Ivonne, I'm not sure what you are looking at but our LinkedIn Profile Tutorial is now in version 4.0 and has ben completely redone with the latest LinkeIn interface.

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    2. Select the job description, and copy it.
    3. Go to
    4. You will have to download some software
    5. Paste the job description in the box
    6. Press enter.

    Wordle will place the words in the job description in a word cloud - map or puzzle-like format. The words used the most will be bigger than those not used very much.
    Start making a list out of these words. Start with the biggest words first. Use the top 20 words on the board. You may use a few more if there are some you feel are very important to you and your job profession.

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    Best Regards.

    • Job Expert

      Are you bringing a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your interviews and closing for the job? Others who have good interviews but don't get offers find that these two things put them over the top and get them great offers. I show you how to close for the job in the coaching that comes with my 30-60-90-Day Plan. Get it here =>

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