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Your Guide to High-Paying Careers

ShatkinBookAre you choosing a new career? Transitioning careers? Job hunting? If so, you need to know where the money is.

Here is an audio of my conversation with Laurence Shatkin, author of Your Guide to High-Paying Careers, available on Amazon.

In this audio, Laurence answers my questions about the 173 Highest-Paying Occupations:

Why 173? What are some of the occupations on the list? What's also important for you (the job seeker) to know about these jobs besides just compensation?

Listen to the audio by clicking on the bar below:


It's great to hear Laurence's insights on his research and what this might mean for you.  Thank you Laurence!

This is a great book for:

  • College students - to help decide what field to enter when you graduate
  • Job seekers - to see what the expected earnings are for your field, and what opportunities (in terms of job openings) are available

I encourage you to get Your Guide to High-Paying Careers by Laurence Shatkin today.

Check out my two other conversations with Laurence here:

6-Figure Occupations

How Do You Choose a New Career?


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