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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Take Calculated Risks



Take calculated risks. That is quite different from being rash.

~General George Patton

One of the greatest generals the United States has ever had, General George Patton, knew a thing or two about navigating his way through a complicated situation and succeeding.  Let's take a page from his book today...

If you're in a job search, remember that in our polls of executives (these are also hiring managers), 96% say that contacting hiring managers gets more interviews.  If you ever doubt that you should stop applying online and contact the hiring manager, remember this.  Your chances of success are excellent.  Remember that more than 70% of available jobs are 'hidden.' Contacting those hiring managers directly is how you find hidden jobs and get interviews.

Here's one for your interviews--if you don't know about 30 60 90 day plans, find out about them now (30-60-90-Day Plan).  When job seekers hear about these, 98% agree that it will help them get the job offer.

Contacting hiring managers directly and using 30 60 90 day plans in your interview may seem rash if it's something you haven't done before.  However, the experience of thousands of candidates show that they work brilliantly to get interviews and offers.

Find out more now and get the offer:

  • 30-60-90-Day Action Plans for everyone else
    (people always ask if these plans are worth it if you're not in sales, but actually they're even more impressive outside of sales jobs)


Moved from Government Job to Private Sector with 30 60 90 Day Plan

lawyer interviewAnyone who's tried to move from a government job to the private sector knows that it can be difficult to escape the "government worker" label.  I want to share Missy's story with you (she's a lawyer) to show you how you can bridge that gap and get the job with a 30 60 90 Day Plan:

Dear Peggy, thank you for promoting the 30-60-90 day plan. As a former government agency head, I was really stymied in trying to find job opportunities outside of the government sector as I was labeled a "government worker."

As someone who has never been in the box and has always excelled at creative workarounds in an environment that set me up for failure, I found it discouraging and totally unwarranted.

In any event, I put together a unique 30-60-90 day plan for how to implement a real in-house counsel office within a publicly-traded corporation and bam, I got the interview and the job. The general counsel told me they'd never gotten homework from anyone during an interview, until they met me. Thank you!!!!!

I have been promoting you and your common sense approach to all of my lawyer friends who are looking for new opportunities and there are many of them...many thanks for all of your efforts and dedication.
Missy Fulton

If you are moving from one work environment to another, one career to another, or are just new to a job, a 30-60-90-Day Plan demonstrates that you have the knowledge and the drive to do the job.  It takes away any fears or doubts they may have about hiring you.

*Find out more about 30 60 90 Day Plans, and get started on yours today so you can get that job offer!

30-60-90-Day Action Plan

30-60-90-Day Sales Plan

30-60-90-Day Manager Plan

30-60-90-Day Executive Plan


How to Ace Your Phone Interview Amazon eBook

Don't let them screen you out in the phone interview! Learn how to ace every phone interview so you move on to the face-to-face in my ebook, How to Ace Your Phone Interview, available on Amazon.  Check out a few Sample pages from the book below.


This is what you need to know before your next phone screen. Download this book and read it today!

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – 20 Years From Now



Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did.

~Mark Twain

Is the biggest enemy in your job search fear?  Maybe you're afraid to go after the job you really want, or the company you really want to work for.  Maybe you're afraid to contact a hiring manager (your future boss) directly, or afraid to stop applying for jobs online.

This job search is a huge opportunity for you.  Don't be disappointed by what you didn't do.

Learn what it's going to take for you to be successful--then, step out and go after what you really want.

Get inspired with these stories:


30-60-90-Day Plan Lands President Role

Job Offer President Role30/60/90-day plans work for job interviews at all levels...from new graduates to President of the company.   In Allan's case, the plan helped him show his fit for the job and the company.  He says it 'unequivocally differentiated' him from the other candidates.  What job seeker doesn't want that?


I hope this finds you well. I'm happy to tell you that I recently began a new role as President of a small, privately held distribution company in Las Vegas. As we discussed, "fit" was a key criteria for me in my search, and the alignment on every level with the business owners is remarkable. I'm excited about the role and the opportunity ahead of us. It's different than anything I've ever done, yet will require all of the skills and experience I've accrued in my career.

Obviously I was a client, but thank you for your support and counsel during my search. As you know it isn't an easy process, and the tools and advice that you provided were critical to success. In particular the advice about being relentless on the networking process, the tips about dealing with ageism, and most especially the 30-60-90-Day Plan were key for me. I would be happy to provide a testimonial about the 30/60/90-Day unequivocally differentiated me in the search and interview processes, and provided a basis for guiding the discussion where I wanted it to the skills and experience that I could bring to a role.

Best regards!

Allan O'Neil

If you are ready to stand out from your competition and show your fit for the company, find out more about 30-60-90-day plans and get yours started today.

We offer plans with templates and coaching for all professional levels:


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Turn Failure into Success



Failure is success if we learn from it.

~Malcolm Forbes

If you learn something from a failure, you're smarter, stronger, and better than you were before you began. That's when failure becomes success.

In a job search, how can you turn failure into success?

If your resume isn't generating interviews, don't assume no one needs you.  Find out how to improve your resume.

If you interview but don't get the job, don't assume you aren't good enough.  Find out why you didn't interview well.  Ask the person  you interviewed with what their thoughts were.

Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to be better and stronger next time.

If you need some direction and help with your job search, attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips for your job search success.  Find out more about our free job search webinars and register now.


Stay Motivated During a Stressful Job Search

inspirationThink your job search is stressful?  Most people do. But, what if an expert shared with you the secrets of what really works to find hidden jobs, get interviews, and get job offers (multiple job offers)?  In one hour, your job search could go from difficult and stressful to exciting and successful.  This is what we do for you in our Free Job Search Webinars.

See what one job seeker said after attending one of our webinars:

Thanks again for another informative session packed with lots of useful tips, advice, and recommendations. Most of all I love the tone which is so uplifting at this stressful time for job seekers! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise and helping all of us secure [our] desired job! Great job guys and thanks a lot!
Have a great weekend!
Thanks & regards,
Helena Sebastian

Ready to get motivated for a great job search?  Sign up to attend one of our Free Job Search Webinars today.  See what topics we're covering this week on our Job Search Webinars Page.


Does the Post Interview Follow Up Really Matter?

Erin-K-Post-Interview-Follow-UpYou’ve already spent your time writing an effective resume and have gone through the interview process with a potential employer. Determining the next step is critical to increase your chances of getting hired, but what is that next step? Some people simply wait by the phone or check their email repeatedly, waiting for word regarding whether they are invited for another interview or to accept an offer. In addition to writing resumes that get you hired, it’s important to evaluate whether a follow up is really necessary.

You Haven’t Heard Anything Regarding Your Application


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – The Time is Now



The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

~Chinese Proverb

If you're in a job search, you may be wishing you had done a few things differently in the past that would make your experience better right now.  Maybe you wish you'd paid more attention to maintaining your network.  Maybe you wish you'd done a better job documenting your successes for your resume.  Or maybe it's something else.

Would it have been better if you'd taken those steps way back when?  Maybe.  But guess what?  It doesn't matter.  You can't change it, so stop beating yourself up.  The only thing you can change is right now--and now is definitely better than never.

Have you neglected your network?  Starting contacting people today.  (See these networking tips.)

Are you missing some important information for your resume?  Start calling people you used to work with and see if they can help you remember.

If you wish you'd been more active on LinkedIn, get on LinkedIn, polish your profile, and participate.

If you need some direction and help with your job search, attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips for your job search success.  Find out more about our free job search webinars and register now.


How to Have Employers Competing For You When You're Over 50

Job-OfferIf you are over 50 and in the job search, you know it can be tough.  I encourage you to read Mariana's story and see how she ended up with 3 companies pursuing her as a job candidate (for exciting jobs with increased salaries!):

Hello Peggy,

I felt I needed to send you a big "thank you!". Here's why:

I have been looking for a job for 9 months after being laid off from my previous employer. I am over 50 so it hasn't been easy, and I can't remember how I found you and your resources, but I want to say it was approximately 2 months ago and I knew I had to do something different, so I decided to invest the money and purchase your services...I am so glad I found you!

What I found to be the most valuable assets were the 30/60/90 day plan and the advice of making sure you include numbers, percentages, etc. on your resume (i.e., increased leads by 40%, etc.). These were the 2 keys that got me the phone interviews and then the face-to-face meetings. The look of surprise when I mentioned I had a 30/60/90 plan prepared was priceless - they all were most impressed.

So now for the good news, or should I say great news! I literally have 3 solid job offers that I am in the process of deciding on. Because they are all great offers and literally came in within 1 day of each other I was honest with each of them letting them know that there were other companies that had made offers and that I owed each of them the respect of doing my due diligence as I had spent significant time with each of them. They all said they completely understand and now I am getting emails from all 3 asking what they can do to get me on board with their companies. It's seriously amazing! It is a very difficult decision to make as they have all offered me equity in the company, salary is 15K more than my previous job and all are in an exciting space. So, by end of day Monday I will have made my decision and will be happily employed again.

Please tell your members that there is hope for those of us over 50. All 3 of these companies mentioned during our last conversations that they were looking for people with "experience" and "maturity".

Bottom line - your product(s) and you really do work! I am impressed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


If  you are over 50 (0r even over 40) this is what you need to do:

Doing these things will put you far ahead of your competition so you can receive fantastic job offers, too.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Do It Today



Never put off till tomorrow
what you can do today.

~Benjamin Franklin

Job searches are tough, and it can be tempting to put off doing the things you need to do (making that call, sending your resume to the hiring manager, etc.). Don't put it off.  Remember that this situation is temporary.  The more you do, the faster you'll be out of it and into a great job.

If you need some motivation this week to take action, I encourage you to attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips you can use today to take action in your job search.  Find out more about our free job search webinars and register now.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Focus on the Good Things



I keep my mind focused on peace, harmony, health, love and abundance. Then, I can't be distracted
by doubt, anxiety, or fear.

~Edith Armstrong

This is an important quote to remember for your job search and your life.  What you focus on affects everything from your attitude to your results.  If you know you need to stop negative thinking, I encourage you to check out this blog post series:

How to Stop Negative Thinking and Stay Positive in Your Job Search


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Overcome Difficulties



Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable.

~Theodore N. Vail

I often speak to job seekers whose real problem isn't finding jobs, getting interviews, or getting job's negative thinking.

How can negative thinking hurt you in the job search?  Negative thinking means that...

  • If you have trouble finding jobs, you assume that no one is hiring, so you won't be able to find a job.
  • If you have trouble getting interviews, you assume that you are lacking something and so no one wants you.
  • If you have trouble getting job offers, you assume that you aren't good enough to get the job.

All of these things seem unconquerable, but they are not.

Change your perspective.  All of these things are difficulties that can be overcome.

  • If you have trouble finding jobs, the real trouble is that you can't find jobs where you're looking and you can look harder.  Most jobs are not advertised.  The only way to find them is to look beyond those online job postings and contact hiring managers directly.
  • If you have trouble getting job offers, don't assume that you aren't good enough.  Job interviews are about communication.  Improve how you are communicating in interviews.  Learn how to answer interview questions more effectively, practice answering those questions so you seem more confident in the interview, and most importantly--bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan to the interview.  A 30-60-90-Day Plan is the best interview communication tool in the world.

The lesson?  Don't give up.  Change your approach.

I invite you to attend one of my Job Search Training Webinars--my webinars will teach you how to find more jobs, interview more effectively, and get more job offers.  I even have a webinar for folks over 40 or 50 who face bias in the job search.

See what free webinars we're offering this week and sign up to attend now:  Job Search Webinars


Job Search Webinar - 'The Best Hour I Spent In My Job Search'

job search webinarIf you've thought about attending a Career Confidential Webinar for your job search but haven't done it yet, listen to what Tammy has to say about what she learned and how it boosted her job hunt.

Click the sound bar to listen:


Sign up for a Free Career Confidential Job Search Webinar.

Browse Career Confidential's Guaranteed Job Search and Interview Tools.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Make Your Own Circumstances



People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.
I do not believe in circumstances.
The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they cannot find them, make them.

~ George Bernard Shaw


What does 'make your own circumstances' look like in the job search?

It means don't wait for recruiters to call you, and don't give up if you don't see job listings...go find hiring managers and ask them directly.  Most jobs aren't listed at any given time (this is the hidden job market).  Jobs are there if you look for them.

Read this:  How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews