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How to Get the Interview While the Job Is Still Part of the Hidden Job Market

If you understand the how the hidden job market works, you can find hidden jobs and get interviews--before the rest of the world knows about it.

Watch this video to see how you can get to those hidden jobs first.


Click here for more hidden job market strategy tips.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – You’re Almost a Butterfly

FlowerJust when the caterpillar thought
the world was ending,
he turned into a butterfly.

- Proverb


I know that a job search can be a dark place--filled with rejection and uncertainty (especially if you were laid off or fired).

I just want to remind you today that where you are now is temporary. There is a job at the end of this path. The only difference between a job search and a job is one phone call, one conversation, or one email.

Be encouraged today.  Go through the process because there is a reward at the end.

Make the phone call.  Send the email.

If something you're doing isn't working, change it.

If you aren't getting interviews, redo your resume.  Make sure your resume grabs attention with numbers, dollars, and percentages.

If you are getting interviews but not job offers, check how you answer interview questions.  Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan.  If you still aren't getting job offers, see an interview coach.

There's always something you can do to speed the butterfly transformation along.

Best of luck!


Accountant Finds ‘Ideal’ Hidden Job

Accounting-JobI love this story of an accountant's job search using our Hidden Jobs Finder.  Not only does she provide statistics of her success, her story shows the power of multiple contacts in getting a job.  Her hiring manager had no openings in October--but did in November.  It turned out to be an ideal accountant job, with above-expected compensation and benefits.


Thank you for your support during my job search.

While I was skeptical about your methodical process, I purchased your job search product anyway. I had been searching for over a year with no results, so why not try something new. As an accounting professional, I kept detailed records of my search. In 2013 alone, prior to using your system, I had sent out 51 applications, received a 45% response, and received 14 first interviews (27%). But no job offer.

My targeted search, using the Career Confidential system, began in October 20XX. I targeted AIA Contacts (architectural firms), past interviewers, and friends. More importantly, I joined no less than 10 LinkedIn groups. From within these groups, I LinkedIn messaged 96 first time contacts and received 18 responses back within one month: this is 18.75% which I find staggering!

My successful response came almost one month after sending out my first message titled "Versatile Accountant Seeking New Opportunity." A hiring manager that had no need for an accountant on October 14 suddenly had the need on November 15. He contacted me via LinkedIn, my personal email, as well as by telephone for our first interview on November 20. After a social lunch on November 22, I was offered the position on November 25. It is the ideal position I desired, the pay above expectation, and reasonable benefits.

Your system worked! I am so pleased I decided upon Career Confidential.

Thank you,

Debby H.

The Hidden Jobs Finder that Debby used has recently been improved with some important new updates especially regarding LinkedIn.

Check it out for yourself:  Hidden Jobs Finder


Why You Still Need an Objective Statement on Your Resume

Don't believe the resume summary hype--a resume objective statement is key to the effectiveness of your resume.  A summary of qualifications causes you to miss out on an important opportunity. In the video below, I'll tell you why you need a resume objective statement and how recruiters and hiring managers see them.


Write an interview-getting resume (with the perfect objective statement) with our Extreme Resume Makeover.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Blessings in Disguise

FlowerWhat seems to us as bitter trials
are often blessings in disguise.
- Oscar Wilde


Unless you're a brand-new graduate looking for your first job, your job search can seem like a difficult time in your life.  You're likely here because something went wrong in your previous job:  it wasn't a good fit, your boss turned out to closely resemble Atilla the Hun, or maybe you even got laid off or fired.

No matter what happened,  think positively.  Maybe your experience at that job set you up for getting your next job, which is going to turn out to be a perfect fit. Expect good things to happen.

Your mental attitude or mental strength is one of your most valuable assets--in your job search and in your life.

Check out these blog posts to help you build your mental strength:

Use a Positive Attitude to Build Your Job Search Confidence

Be Positive When Explaining Your Unemployment

If you need a mental strength-training coach, give me a call (check out my webpage about Personal Career Coaching).  I can help you with your motivation and confidence if that's what you need, and I can give you the right steps to take to be successful as fast as possible.

Peggy McKee Career Coaching

Best of luck!


3 Confidence-Building Job Interview Body Language Tips



The way you present yourself in the interview with your body language directly affects your own confidence as well as the chances of you walking away with the job offer.

Check out these 3 tips to project (and feel) confidence in any job interview:


Is Your Resume Speaking The Right Language?

Erin-K-Resume-LanguageCommunication is all about getting across barriers to connect. How many times have you suddenly realized that you do not understand what someone means when they use a familiar word? Or have you experienced this: you want a solution to a particular problem and the salesman keeps insisting you need a solution to a problem you don’t have?

Employers encounter a variation of this when an applicant submits a resume. In her excellent article, “How To Speak The Language of Hiring“, Lydia Dishman says that hiring managers want to know the quality of experience and how a candidate will approach the job once hired. Resumes, on the other hand, tend to focus on actions and education. As a result, the resume is addressing the wrong question.

You can speak the right language and address the right question, by understanding the process and perspective of the employer. Your resume has to pass through a couple of filters before you get called in for the interview. Most employers will use an electronic filter first, an applicant tracking system. Then the filtered list of potential candidates will be read by the recruiter, who scans for more detail. Finally, those resumes passing these filters is put on the desk of the person who determines the best fit for the job and schedules interviews.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Knowing Is Not Enough

FlowerKnowing is not enough;
we must apply.
Willing is not enough;
we must do.
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


How many people do you know who know they should get in some exercise every day--but don't? They want to...they know all the benefits it would provide, and they even know what they should be doing...but they have all kinds of excuses and reasons why they can't and obstacles that get in the way.

There are many areas in life where we know what we should be doing, and we want to do it, but we just don't.  A job search can easily be one of those areas.  I can't tell you how many people I've coached who know they should be contacting hiring managers and want to experience the success that comes with doing that but are afraid to start.

If you feel stuck in some area of your job search, give me a call (check out my webpage about Personal Career Coaching).  I would love to help you get past any obstacle in your way. I can help you with your motivation and confidence if that's what you need, and I can give you the right steps to take to be successful as fast as possible.

Peggy McKee Career Coaching

Best of luck!


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Find a New Way

FlowerI have not failed.
I have just found 10,000 ways
that will not work.
- Thomas A. Edison


Thomas Edison is known as a prolific inventor.  He invented the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and a long-lasting, practical lightbulb, to name a few.  But you don't get to come up with new ways of doing things without trying and failing at many more.

I love Edison's attitude in this quote...he didn't fail, because he learned valuable lessons from what didn't work that helped him be successful in the end.  You can always learn something from what didn't work.

How does this apply to your job search?  Like this:  If you know something isn't working, figure out what it is, learn from it, and change it.

  • If you're sending out your resume but it isn't getting interviews, you need to redo your resume.
  • If you're applying online but not getting a response, take a page from Ed's book and do something different.  Ed applied twice to the same company and never got a response at all.  He contacted the hiring manager directly and got an interview almost immediately. (See Ed's story)
  • If you're getting interviews but not job offers, there's something you are doing or not doing in your interviews that's keeping you from a job offer.  You may need a little interview coaching to see what that is.

Don't get discouraged...just do something different.

Best of luck!


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – You Are Your Greatest Asset

FlowerYou are your greatest asset.
Put your time, effort and money into
training, grooming, and encouraging
your greatest asset.
- Tom Hopkins


You are your greatest asset--your skills, your education, your thought processes, your creativity are all pieces of you that provide value for you and for others.  The way you utilize these things has a direct effect on the returns you see (quality of life, the job you have, and the money you make).  You invested in yourself in terms of the education you got to do your job.  You even invest in yourself when you shine your shoes, get a haircut, or buy new work clothes, because these affect how others perceive you.

What I hope you take from this quote is a resolve to do something every day to make yourself stronger, better, and more than you were before. If you don't, the others who are will pass you by and enjoy the success that could have been yours.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Dance!

FlowerOpportunity dances with
those on the dance floor.
- Anonymous

You will never hear about that perfect job or get that great interview if you don't get out there and find it.  So get out there on that job search "dance floor."

1)  Tell EVERYONE you know that you're looking for a new job--friends, family, acquaintances, past co-workers, customers/clients, Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, former bosses, your hair stylist, your barista...the list goes on.

2)  Contact hiring managers directly (no online applications) about working for them.

If you get truly serious and take this kind of action (most job seekers won't), you will be surprised at the opportunities you find.  So...

Take Action.  (See #1 Way to Boost Your Confidence)


Contact a Hiring Manager (or 100 Hiring Managers).

Dance with Opportunity.

If you need some motivation this week to take action, I encourage you to attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips you can use today to take action in your job search.  Register now.


How to Talk About a Layoff in Your Phone Interview [VIDEO]

If you've been laid off, you can still ace the phone interview and get hired for a new job.

Layoffs make some job seekers so uncomfortable that they don't do well in phone interviews--so they get screened out immediately. In this video, I'll show you how to address a layoff in your phone interview (and how to do well in the following face-to-face interviews). I'll tell you:

  • What questions interviewers will have for you
  • How to answer their questions so the layoff is no longer an issue
  • How to not only eliminate their fears about you, but make them excited about you in the job
  • How to take the focus off the layoff and put it on the positives you will bring to this organization

Here's more information about some of the things I talk about in the video:

Brag Books
30-60-90-Day Plans

Job Interview Mistake: 5 Things You Say That Lose Job Offers

There are words and phrases we all say in everyday language that, if you say them in a job interview, can absolutely kill any chances you have of getting the job.

In the video below, I'll tell you the 5 things you say that lose job offers--and then I'll tell you the 3 things to say that encourage employers to offer you the job. Click on the video to watch.


Are you getting ready for an important interview? Download my Free Job Interview Prep Kit! This kit is the ultimate job interview guide that will show you how to research the company, how to prepare for interview questions, how to ask insightful questions, what to wear to the interview, and critical interview dos and don'ts.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Take Action

FlowerAction is the foundational key
to all success.
- Pablo Picasso

No matter what it is in life--getting an education, having good relationships, getting a job--you can't possibly be successful if you don't take action.  You can be the smartest, most talented, most wonderful person in the world, and it won't matter unless you take action.

Here's why I love this quote for today:  Every week, I speak to job seekers who are not taking some action they need to take. They're waiting to hear about a job, they're trying to keep it from their friends and family, or they're paralyzed by some situation or trauma (like they were fired) and can't move forward. But they must take action or they will not be successful.

You won't be successful every time you take action, but I can guarantee that you will never be successful if you don't.

If you need some motivation this week to take action, I encourage you to attend one of my Free Training Webinars.  I pack my webinars with tons of information and tips you can use today to take action in your job search.  Register now.


The Hidden Job Market: What It Is and How To Crack It So You Can Find a Job

Job Seekers: have you heard of the "hidden job market"?

It sounds like an urban myth, but it's very real. There are 'hidden' jobs not posted on Monster or Indeed or Simply Hired--and if you can find them, you are in a great position to get an interview and get the offer.

In the video below, I'll tell you more about the hidden job market and how to find these great jobs.

I've developed a tool that finds dozens of hidden jobs for you and puts you in contact with the hiring managers for those jobs. Check it out here: Hidden Jobs Finder. (Other job seekers have had great success with this tool--see our Hidden Jobs Finder Customer Reviews.)