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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Who’s Going to Stop You?

FlowerThe question isn’t who is going to let me;
it’s who is going to stop me.

- Ayn Rand


If you get scared or intimidated or less confident than you would normally be in a job search, this quote is for you!

The one job search strategy that can get you more interviews than any other (contact hiring managers by the dozens or hundreds) is the one that scares job seekers to death:  "That's not the way I'm supposed to do it...I have to apply online."

When you think this, you are handing over control of your life to a nameless HR person you don't know and who doesn't know you.  To them, you are a number in the system instead of the talented, educated, skilled, likeable person that you are.

When it comes to your job search, YOU should take control.  Contact the hiring manager.  Who's going to stop you?  No one.  The worst that can happen is that they say, "You have to go through HR."  But guess what?  Now they know your name and they may be looking for you--which gives you a huge boost ahead of the other candidates who didn't do that.  The best that can happen is that they say, "As a matter of fact, I'd love to speak with you.  Can you come in on Tuesday?"  This outcome happens all the time, and it's worth taking a risk for.  Who's going to stop you?  No one.

If you don't know how to find and contact hiring managers, go here:

How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews

If you want more tips, strategies and insights on getting a great job fast, check out our Free Training Webinars this week.

Best of luck!


Business Owner Transitions into Medical Device Sales Job — Fast!

canstockphoto23544301Business owners who want to move back into the world of employee can have a hard time--the resume alone is difficult, especially with job titles.  Transitioning into medical sales is also difficult--and Wayne did both, faster than he expected, all because of how he approached this goal.


I need to thank you. I used your services to write my resume and transition from owning a manufacturer's rep company to medical device sales. I have been employed for 1.5 months and am loving it! Without your guidance and helpful insight I would still be looking for a job today! I got a job quicker than I ever thought I would; it happened so fast that it put me in a bind, as I was selling my company and transitioning to this new career all at the same time (a problem I gladly welcomed!)

Thanks again, and I am recommending your services to anyone I know who is making a career change!

Wayne C.

Here are the tools Wayne used:

Extreme Resume Makeover

How to Get Into Medical Sales

Here's another blog post about how to make a transition into medical sales:

How to Get an Entry-Level Medical Sales Job



Job Interview Prep – ‘Do Your Homework’ Means More Than You Think It Does [VIDEO]

How do you 'do your homework' to prep for a job interview? If you follow typical rules, you're going to get a typical result: no job offer. To stand out and get the job offer, you need to do a little more than everyone else.

Watch this video to see what you should do to prepare for every job interview (click the video to play).

Check out Career Confidential's Strategic Approach to Interviewing!

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Learn Self-Confidence

FlowerLow self-confidence isn't a life sentence. Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered--just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.
- Barrie Davenport


As a career coach, I give advice and strategies to people who want to get a job or move up in their career.  A lot of the time, I am not just giving instructions--I am also boosting the self-confidence of the person I'm coaching.

Many, many talented and skilled people are being held back only by a lack of confidence.  Some people are born with lots of it--but if you weren't, or if circumstances have taken your confidence away, you need to develop it. If you add confidence to skill and talent, the sky is the limit.

To build up your confidence, try one (or all) of these:

Read this blog post:  Use a Positive Attitude to Build Your Job Search Confidence

Read this blog post:  #1 Way to Boost Your Job Search Confidence

Set up a Career Coaching session with me:  Peggy McKee Career Coaching.  I'd love to help you.

Best of luck!


30-60-90-Day Plan Nets VP of Operations Job Offer

Executive-1If you are frustrated in your job search, you need to notice 3 things in this hotel industry executive's story:

1.  Even highly skilled and talented people can have difficulty in the job search--but it can be overcome with a better approach.

2.  It pays to follow up with companies you've applied to or sent your resume to.

3.  Even the mention of a 30-60-90-Day plan can be enough to get the interview--and it can certainly get the job (in this case, within 2 hours of the interview).

I hope you read this and are inspired for your own job search!

Peggy -

I just wanted to send you a note to say thanks - thanks for lighting a fire inside to get me motivated again, and thanks for reminding me how powerful the 30-60-90 Day Plan can be!

After being unemployed for about 6 months, I was perusing the internet and came across your information. I liked what I saw and signed up for one of your webinars. I think the first one I attended was how to avoid age discrimination while looking for a job. That was the one that got me moving again - got me energized and fired up! The next webinar was about the “secret weapon” to use - the 30-60-90 day plan. Of course!, I said to myself. In my industry (hotels), we use this all the time, in many ways (forecasting occupancy, creating sales & marketing plans,  etc). Years ago (it had been over 10 years since I had had to “look” for a job - they came to me), I had written a 30-60-90 and it got me the job immediately. So I knew the power of it.

One day, soon after that, a job was posted on LinkedIn through one of my groups. I responded to it, and included my resume. I received a response saying they would look at my resume and get back to me. 10 days went by with no response. So I sent an email with the subject line “30-60-90 Day Plan”, and a brief explanation that if I had a chance to speak with them further about their business I would be able to put a plan of action together for them. The phone rang almost as soon as I hit the “send” button - and it was the president of the company!

This company is based in X, and I am in Y, but I was planning a trip to visit my sister who happens to live in X (and who has been bugging me for years to move there). So the president of the company suggested we meet for lunch. Over lunch, I introduced my plan, and was able to suggest some concrete ideas that would help solve some of their immediate issues. Within 2 hours after that lunch meeting, they called and offered me the job.

Long story short, I am now in the process of moving to X. This is a big change, but in my industry and at my level (VP of Operations), one often has to relocate. That is the reality, as upper level positions are few and far between.

So, just wanted to send a testimonial to say that the 30-60-90 day plan works! Of course, you must be able to back that up with concrete facts and evidence of success in the past, but that's true of any interview, especially when discussing your resume.

Please feel free to use this, but I ask for anonymity please. I am too well known in certain circles.

[Name Withheld By Request]

VP of Operations

If you really want the interview and the job, create a 30-60-90-Day Plan to show them that you are the one to hire.


Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Guarantee Success

FlowerTo guarantee success,
act as if it were impossible to fail.

- Dorothea Brande


Attitude matters for everything, and it especially matters in a job search.  Job hunting is hard and naturally filled with rejection, and the attitude you show to potential employers makes a difference in whether or not you get hired.

If you believe it's impossible to fail, then the obstacles you run into won't seem like 1-ton boulders...they'll be more like 10-pound rocks that you can either move or step over. It's much easier to keep a positive attitude.

When you contact hiring managers and go to interviews this week, believe that it's impossible to fail.  You WILL get hired.

See these posts for inspiration:

‘I Got The Interview Because I Contacted the Hiring Manager’

‘The 30-60-90-Day Plan Got Me 3 Job Offers On the Same Day!’

Best of luck!


How a Sales Job Interview Goes from Good to Great

Good-to-GreatLane's story shows how a 30-60-90-Day Plan can transform your job interview from 'good' to 'great'--and get the offer.


I just had to send you a quick note and thank you for your wonderful product. Before I was introduced to your product I had been looking for a new job for quite some time. I think as a "Salesman" I was likely overconfident in my abilities to sell myself.

Your Job Offer Generator offered me so many concrete ideas to improve my job search. The most valuable to me was the 30/60/90 day plan. It was the reason I got this job offer! I interviewed with the VP of Sales and he said he had never seen anything like it. He loved the initiative I took. He said he even wanted to incorporate it into their sales training for all new hires.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous and somewhat skeptical on using the 30/60/90 day plan. However, I could tell that it immediately took a good interview to a great interview and set me apart from all other candidates.

Thank you so much.
Lane Lewis


Why Do You Want To Work Here? How to Answer This Important Job Interview Question

Employers are very interested in knowing why you want to work for their company, in this job--so you'll almost always be asked some version of this job interview question.

In the video below, you'll see what you absolutely should never say in response to that question--along with tips for how you should answer it. You'll make a great impression and stand out as the one to hire. Click the video to play.


You can develop expert job search skills for any situation in our Career Confidential Total Access Club--get more details here.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Dive for the Pearl

FlowerPearls don’t lie on the seashore.
If you want one, you must dive for it.

- Chinese Proverb


Jobs are a lot like pearls.  The best ones aren't necessarily going to be right in front of need to look for them.

The best way to find valuable and desirable jobs is to go looking for them.  Contact hiring managers to ask if they need someone like you.

Find out how to do this here:

Hidden Job Market Strategy Tips

Networking Strategies to Crack the Hidden Job Market

Best of luck!


How to Get the Interview While the Job Is Still Part of the Hidden Job Market

If you understand the how the hidden job market works, you can find hidden jobs and get interviews--before the rest of the world knows about it.

Watch this video to see how you can get to those hidden jobs first.


Click here for more hidden job market strategy tips.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – You’re Almost a Butterfly

FlowerJust when the caterpillar thought
the world was ending,
he turned into a butterfly.

- Proverb


I know that a job search can be a dark place--filled with rejection and uncertainty (especially if you were laid off or fired).

I just want to remind you today that where you are now is temporary. There is a job at the end of this path. The only difference between a job search and a job is one phone call, one conversation, or one email.

Be encouraged today.  Go through the process because there is a reward at the end.

Make the phone call.  Send the email.

If something you're doing isn't working, change it.

If you aren't getting interviews, redo your resume.  Make sure your resume grabs attention with numbers, dollars, and percentages.

If you are getting interviews but not job offers, check how you answer interview questions.  Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan.  If you still aren't getting job offers, see an interview coach.

There's always something you can do to speed the butterfly transformation along.

Best of luck!


Accountant Finds ‘Ideal’ Hidden Job

Accounting-JobI love this story of an accountant's job search using our Hidden Jobs Finder.  Not only does she provide statistics of her success, her story shows the power of multiple contacts in getting a job.  Her hiring manager had no openings in October--but did in November.  It turned out to be an ideal accountant job, with above-expected compensation and benefits.


Thank you for your support during my job search.

While I was skeptical about your methodical process, I purchased your job search product anyway. I had been searching for over a year with no results, so why not try something new. As an accounting professional, I kept detailed records of my search. In 2013 alone, prior to using your system, I had sent out 51 applications, received a 45% response, and received 14 first interviews (27%). But no job offer.

My targeted search, using the Career Confidential system, began in October 20XX. I targeted AIA Contacts (architectural firms), past interviewers, and friends. More importantly, I joined no less than 10 LinkedIn groups. From within these groups, I LinkedIn messaged 96 first time contacts and received 18 responses back within one month: this is 18.75% which I find staggering!

My successful response came almost one month after sending out my first message titled "Versatile Accountant Seeking New Opportunity." A hiring manager that had no need for an accountant on October 14 suddenly had the need on November 15. He contacted me via LinkedIn, my personal email, as well as by telephone for our first interview on November 20. After a social lunch on November 22, I was offered the position on November 25. It is the ideal position I desired, the pay above expectation, and reasonable benefits.

Your system worked! I am so pleased I decided upon Career Confidential.

Thank you,

Debby H.

The Hidden Jobs Finder that Debby used has recently been improved with some important new updates especially regarding LinkedIn.

Check it out for yourself:  Hidden Jobs Finder


Why You Still Need an Objective Statement on Your Resume

Don't believe the resume summary hype--a resume objective statement is key to the effectiveness of your resume.  A summary of qualifications causes you to miss out on an important opportunity. In the video below, I'll tell you why you need a resume objective statement and how recruiters and hiring managers see them.


Write an interview-getting resume (with the perfect objective statement) with our Extreme Resume Makeover.

Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Blessings in Disguise

FlowerWhat seems to us as bitter trials
are often blessings in disguise.
- Oscar Wilde


Unless you're a brand-new graduate looking for your first job, your job search can seem like a difficult time in your life.  You're likely here because something went wrong in your previous job:  it wasn't a good fit, your boss turned out to closely resemble Atilla the Hun, or maybe you even got laid off or fired.

No matter what happened,  think positively.  Maybe your experience at that job set you up for getting your next job, which is going to turn out to be a perfect fit. Expect good things to happen.

Your mental attitude or mental strength is one of your most valuable assets--in your job search and in your life.

Check out these blog posts to help you build your mental strength:

Use a Positive Attitude to Build Your Job Search Confidence

Be Positive When Explaining Your Unemployment

If you need a mental strength-training coach, give me a call (check out my webpage about Personal Career Coaching).  I can help you with your motivation and confidence if that's what you need, and I can give you the right steps to take to be successful as fast as possible.

Peggy McKee Career Coaching

Best of luck!


3 Confidence-Building Job Interview Body Language Tips



The way you present yourself in the interview with your body language directly affects your own confidence as well as the chances of you walking away with the job offer.

Check out these 3 tips to project (and feel) confidence in any job interview: