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Job Search Time-Waster: Applying Online [Video]

If you spend most of your job search time looking for jobs online and submitting your resume or application for them there, you are wasting your time and you can do better. Watch the video to see why (and how).

The majority of actual job openings are not advertised at any given moment (for a variety of reasons). Find those 'hidden' jobs with Hidden Job Market Strategy Tips.

See an additional video for how to contact hiring managers directly to get interviews.

Get a proven system to find jobs and get interviews: Hidden Jobs Finder.


How to Find Executive Jobs

Complimentary Guide - 10 Steps to Getting an Executive Job in Mere Weeks

Complimentary Guide - 10 Steps to Getting an Executive Job in Mere Weeks

Executive jobs are a lot harder to find than others, partly because there are simply fewer of them (there are many more soldiers than generals, right?) and partly because at this level, most companies aren't posting job openings on Monster.

So if you're looking for a position as an executive (VP, President, Director, CEO, CTO, CFO, or any other C-level job), what do you do?  How do you find your next executive job?


1 - Network

If you are job searching at an executive level, you must have been in your career long enough by now that your network is extensive.  Let everyone know you're looking.  A lot of people are uncomfortable with letting everyone know that they’re unemployed. But as an executive, you will do yourself a huge disservice if you do not let your entire network know you’re looking—all the people you’ve worked with in the past (co-workers, bosses, clients or customers) and even your social connections (friends, family, church or civic groups). By now, you should have a large pool of contacts to work with, and you must take advantage of it.

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Dream into your next great career

Young boy pilot against a blue cloudy skyThe best way to discover your next career is to dream.

Most job seekers focus on their last job title and industry for that next career step. This is too limiting. Do not do this!

Instead let your mind go wild and start dreaming. Push yourself to dream beyond your most recent job title and industry.

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Job Hunting Tips for the Fifty-something Applicant

When companies downsize or merge, older employees often get laid off first.  Many companies won’t hesitate to get someone younger to take over the position held by a senior professional because of money issues. According to the AARP, workers aged 55 and over have an average length of 54.2 weeks of unemployment. This is higher than the 35.9 unemployed weeks of other job applicants under 55.

In a market full of both young and senior professionals, a senior job seeker has to stand out from others to get a better chance of being hired again. Age might be just a number, but many employers would look at this negatively.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Age an Asset Instead of a Liability in Job Hunting

Strategize, Develop a Plan, and Identify Senior-friendly Employers

Many people would say it’s a good idea to send out resumes to all possible employers to increase chances of being hired. Well, not really, because not getting any feedback despite sending hundreds of resumes can make you feel rejected.

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Monday Motivator for your Job Search and Interviews- Be Lucky



The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.
- Anthony Robbins


Get motivated for your job search and interviews this week!

Have you ever felt lucky in your job search? Have you felt unlucky?

I believe we make our own luck.

When you hear about a great job, it's because you maintained your network so that someone let you know about it.

When you get the interview, it's because you did a great job with your resume or you contacted the hiring manager.

When you have a killer interview, it's because you took the time to prepare for that interview (30-60-90-day plans are the best interview prep).

So this week, prepare yourself with an amazing job search foundation (improve your resume, start contacting hiring managers, learn how to strategically prepare for an interview and create a 30-60-90-Day Plan) so that when opportunity knocks, you get lucky.



Stay-at-Home-Mom (18 Years) Gets Sales Job!

portrait of a strong business womanHave you been out of the work force for a while? This mom was home for 18 years, but she landed the job by "over-preparing" for her interviews and bringing a 30-60-90-Day Plan.

Peggy and Career Confidential,

Thank you for contributing to my success in closing the sale. In my first phone interview, I used many of your suggestions outlined in your "Interview Preparation Guide" and was OVER PREPARED for the call! Next, I used your template for a 30/60/90 Day Sales Plan and customized it in the in-person interview with the hiring manager.. she was so impressed that she told me that she was going to present it in her team sales meeting the next day!!!

For the third interview, I customized a PowerPoint presentation for the panel Mock CIO Sales call that I put together from the "Interview Preparation Guide" again. And finally, on the fourth interview over the phone with the Regional VP of Sales, he was so excited, he welcomed me to the team! Later that afternoon, the hiring manager sent me an email saying, "She just had to laugh, she didn't expect him to 'make the offer', but figured that she nailed it again!"

Peggy, I have been a stay at home Mom for 18 years after a successful 7 year sales career with IBM and have been searching for a job for 8 months!!

I am excited to begin my new career in sales next Monday! Thank you for your expertise and materials to provide the resources I needed to close the sale and get the job!


DeAnne J.

DeAnne was able to go back to the same career she left 18 years before simply by learning how to interview very well (she used the Job Interview Prep Kit and the 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan).  Someone else might have given up after being out so long and coming back to the job market at her age (well over 40), but DeAnne brought her A game and got the job!  Way to go, DeAnne!

If DeAnne can do it, you can do it, too.  Get my free Job Interview Prep Kit and your own 30-60-90-Day Sales Plan today.


7 Ways a 30-60-90-Day Plan Gets You the Job

Handshake between businessman and businesswomanWhat is a 30-60-90-Day Plan?

A 30-60-90-day plan is a written outline of what you will do as an employee within the first 3 months of your new job.  It’s broken up into sections:  the first 30 days usually includes training and getting to know the company (customers/clients/products/services/procedures); the next 30 days are focused on getting out on your own and into the swing of things; and the last 30 days are often more about branching out, launching your own projects, or bringing in new business.

Creating an outline like this will set you apart from every other candidate for the job.  Job seekers who bring a 30-60-90-day plan see amazing results.

Why does it make a difference? Creating a 30/60/90-Day Plan shows several intangible but important qualities that they'll never be able to learn from your resume or interview answers:


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Dressing Up for the Interview—It’s More Important than You Think

Beautiful young businesswoman standing on white backgroundYou only have six seconds to make a good first impression. Six seconds. That’s not even enough time to say your elevator speech!

Best-selling author and LinkedIn Career Expert, Nicole Williams echoes this fact. What you wear makes a bigger statement about yourself and your chances of doing well at the job before you even start talking.

A crumpled shirt, ill-fitting pants, and scuffed shoes all speak volumes about your professional abilities.

The dress code varies per industry, creatives and start-ups favor stylish but slightly casual attire, while educational, legal, and financial industries still favor a more conservative dress code.

The problem is there’s a fine line between formal and tacky; it’s difficult to thread that line and make sure the recruiters remember you as well.

For that, here’s what you need to do:


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Job Interview Questions and Answers App for Android

See how to answer interview questions in a FREE video app for Android

iPhone Screenshot 1

Job Interview Questions and Answers App

Practice your answers with a professional coach in this free app--99% of users say it improves interview answers immediately!

We've launched a Job Interview Questions and Answers app for Droid, available on Google Play!

It makes how to answer interview questions a snap, giving you incredible confidence and effectiveness in your next interview.

How does it work?

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Monday Motivator for your Job Search Today


What you do today
can improve all your tomorrows.

- Ralph Marston


Get motivated for your job search this week!

Remember that everything you do today that seems difficult (revamping your resume, making those calls, setting up a job shadow, etc.) is something that will improve your life tomorrow.  Be hopeful.  Be positive.  Every step is a step closer to your new job.

How about trying something new today?  Sign up for one of my free training webinars.  In every one, I give you something that will dramatically improve your job search.  We offer a variety of webinars several times a week.
Check them out here =>  Career Confidential Free Training Webinars.



LinkedIn Brings Back Activity Feed

LinkedIn brings back Activity feed. So where did they hide it?

It is not like the old activity feed...this new version is now on your profile page. It's hiding behind that little blue button that says "Send a Message". Click on the drop-down and "View recent activity" will appear.

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6-Figure Executive Job Search Training Webinar

No-Nonsense Advice
from America’s Top Executive Job Search Expert

Enjoy Inside Leads for Top Positions
and Get the Job You Deserve Faster


> See Video About This Webinar <
Executive JOb - Copy (2)

What You Will Discover In This Free Job Search Training:

  • How to Easily Develop an ‘Executive-Strength’ Resume and Cover Letter (without spending $1000s on a resume writer!)
  • How to Uncover $100K+ Opportunities and Eliminate Your Competition
  • How to Interview Like a CEO and Make Them Rush to Offer You the Job


This Need-To-Know Information is Absolutely Free…AND you get 3 Bonus Gifts, too!

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Social Networking + Interview Prep Gets the Job Offer

handsome university graduateI received this letter from a brand-new graduate who got the accounting job he wanted because he conducted his job search using excellent strategies for his networking, company research, interview prep, thank you notes, and even salary negotiations.  See what worked for Scott, so you can use it, too.

Dear Peggy:

This is a success story I want your readers to see, because of the importance that social networking and preparing for an interview play in the role of a job search.

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5 Keys to an Executive Level Job Search

iStock_000001230963SmallAre you in the search for an executive job?
[See this Executive Job Search report]

With 15 years of executive recruiting (in the medical sales and marketing arena) and over 5 years of coaching folks around the world (Thailand, England, France, Russia, Singapore, UAE, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea), I've worked with executives at all levels, in all kinds of industries—from CEOs of big banks to CTOs of companies that have hundreds of thousands of SKUs to the VP level, Director level, folks who are in every area of the company (finance, operations, sales, marketing, customer support, IT, etc.).

From this experience, I can tell you that there are commonalities that you can use to have much greater success in your executive job search and your career:

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How to Get an Executive-Level Job

Businessman in officeExecutive job searches are much different than 'regular' job searches.  [See this Executive Job Search Webinar]

For one, there are fewer executive jobs available, so they are harder to find in the first place--and it's not like they get listed every day on Monster.

Two, because they are so few and far between, your competition for them is fierce.

So how do you find and then get an executive job?

1 - Make Your Resume Market You as an Executive

At every level, the job search process is really a sales process. The entire transaction of a hiring manager, CEO, Board of Directors, or anyone choosing an employee at any level is psychologically just like a customer buying a product. In this case, the hiring manager is the customer, you’re the product, and your salary is the purchase price. The job itself is the problem or task that they need a solution for. You are that solution.

You have to show them why you’re the best solution and how you can help them, because they want to know, “What’s in it for us?” “Why should we choose you?”

2 - Learn to Write an Interesting, Compelling Cover Letter or Initial Message

Everyone hates writing cover letters.  But if you don't write a great one, you are missing a valuable opportunity to set the bias in your favor BEFORE they see your resume.  Don't you think it's better to have someone with a positive mindset looking at your resume instead of someone with a negative or even neutral one?

3 - Attack Your Job Search

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