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How to Keep Your Job Search a Secret from Your Current Employer

ShhhThe best time to get a job is when you have a job--right?  But that means that you usually have to keep it on the down low.

Here are 2 ways to keep your job search a secret from your current employer:

1.  Polish your LinkedIn profile.  A great profile (filled with appropriate keywords) will cause recruiters and hiring managers to call YOU, which is the best way of all to get a job.  But paying attention to your profile also opens up your networking possibilities, and may very well lead you to a great oppportunity.

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Dangerous Careers: Should You Consider A Job On An Offshore Oil Platform?

Offshore-OilIt’s no secret that there are some “easy” jobs one can do, and there are some downright dangerous ones! Examples of unsafe professions include firefighters, power line installers and offshore oil rig workers. The latter is one of the most popular jobs chosen by those that live in areas close to oil platforms.

Despite what you might have heard, the working conditions are seldom suitable for oil rig workers. But the allure of the work and the challenges that it presents is often reason enough for people to take up such a dangerous vocation. The question is: should you consider a job on an offshore oil platform?

Image via Flickr

The answer is, it depends. Here is what you need to know about life on an offshore oil platform, such as the one shown above:

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Job Hunters: What Will Employers Find When They Google You?

Computer SearchAccording to one survey, 70% of hiring managers and recruiters have rejected an applicant based on what they found online. Have you Googled your name lately to see what they'll find out about you?

Try it yourself to make sure what they see is positive.  If you have some negatives pop up, it's time to bury the old negative stuff under newer, more positive results.

You can manage your online identity to control your reputation and your image in the job market in 5 ways:

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5 Killer Questions to Ask In Your Job Interview

Ask Questions in the InterviewFor many job seekers, job interview prep means getting your answers ready for the toughest interview questions--and there's no doubt this is important. But remember--interviewing is a two-way street. They're looking to see if they want to hire you, and you need to know what will make that happen.  You also need to know if this company is somewhere you can shine and advance in your career.  The questions you ask can give you all the information you need.

Asking questions also makes you stand out as a candidate. You seem more intelligent, more enthusiastic, and you elevate the conversation from a one-sided interrogation into a conversation between professionals. You establish better rapport, and discover what the interviewer is looking for--so that you can tailor your answers to what's going to make the best impression--and get you hired.

5 Killer Questions to Ask in Your Interview

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How To Make Taxes And Your Job Search Easier To Handle

ErinKennedyMoneyThere is a lot of information out there on tax filing and job hunting and keeping your information organized. It’s an important subject because, according to the IRS, some job hunting expenses are deductible. The problem is figuring out how to keep track of all the expenses so you have the paperwork to prove your deduction claims.

Pilers, Filers, and Technophiles

The way that will work best for your purposes is the way that you naturally do things. Most of us are either pilers, filers, or technophiles.
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Approaching the Job Search when you’ve Been Working from Home

Are you thinking about giving up the freedom of freelancing for the security of a full-time office position? Facing the job search and interview process can be daunting, and you may face additional scrutiny. You’ll need to prove to your potential employers that you’re ready for an office position and that you work well with others. However, when it’s estimated that one in three workers in the USA now freelances, it’s becoming increasingly common to switch back and forth between working at home and in the office.

Work-from-HomeImage Source: Pixabay

  1. Look for positions with flexibility.

One potential way to navigate this difficult transition is to jump lightly back into the job market. Take on a part time position first, or a flexible position that allows you to telecommute but still requires full time hours.

  1. Be ready to explain gaps in your resume.

When you’re freelancing from home, work can be somewhat unpredictable. This can lead to gaps on your resume, if you’re not working from home for a single steady client. You need to be ready to explain these gaps to potential employers. Chances are you don’t sit at home twiddling your thumbs when freelance work is slow. Share how you used this time in a productive manner, whether it’s volunteering or upgrading your skills.

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A formula for success? Find a franchise to fit your life.

file9121283256517Everyone wants it, admires it, strives for it, but what exactly defines success depends on who you ask. So when you want to start your own business, first you have to decide what you mean by success.

Not only are there different kinds of success — think Wall Street Banker with a seven-figure income or principal of a highly regarded high school — there are also different levels of success, such as entry into the college of your choice, achieving a happy marriage while having work you enjoy or completing a marathon. Each can be as satisfying and validating as the next.

The definition of success, like beauty, really is in the eye of the beholder.

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – What Failure Means

FlowerFailure doesn’t mean you are a failure;
it just means you haven’t succeeded yet. 

- Robert H. Schuller


Job searching is full of 'failures': you don't get a response back from the company; you don't get the interview; you get the interview but it doesn't go well; they decide to go with the other candidate; you don't get the job.

If you run into one of these situations in your job search, keep this quote in mind:  you are not a failure--you just haven't succeeded yet.

Job searching is a numbers game.  It takes anywhere from 5-10 interviews to get a really good job offer (but I have seen estimates as high as 14-17).

One of the ways you may get really discouraged as a job seeker is going through this numbers game process very slowly:  you apply for a job, you wait and wait, you don't get the interview, and then you look around for another to apply for.  Or, you apply for the job, get the interview, and stop looking.  You go through the company's long hiring process, you don't get the job, and then you start back at square one.

What you should do instead are things that keep your motivation and confidence high and get you a job faster. How?  Speed up the process.  Go after many jobs at once. Go after jobs you don't even know for sure are available.  Contact hiring managers at companies you'd like to work for, by the dozens or even hundreds.  Then, you get multiple responses, you get multiple interviews (think 3-4 interviews in a week) and you get multiple offers. (Imagine how it would feel to have 3 job offers in front of you to choose from--amazing!)

Watch this video to see more about how this works and how to easily do it yourself with a proven system:  Find More Jobs and Get More Interviews

I wish you the best of luck this week in your job search!



Want to Move from Pharma Sales to Medical Device?

SalesJobDavid moved from pharmaceutical sales to medical device sales despite some strong odds-- (1) this can be a difficult transition to make; (2) he had lost his previous job (so he was unemployed while looking) and (3) he was 51.

I speak to lot of job seekers who face these kinds of obstacles.  If you've been laid off or fired, if you don't have the ideal experience for the job you want, or if you're on the far side of 50 years old, I hope you can take some hope and inspiration from David's story:


Hello.  It's been just over two years since I purchased your consulting materials and I want you to know they were invaluable.  Some quick background first:  I was in pharma sales for 17 years and lost my job, so I decided to regroup and retool for a venture into the device arena.  Your 30-60-90 day plan and accompanying strategies prepared me well.  It helped me make it to the final interview with a leading device company, but I lost out to an internal candidate, and took a job with [name withheld] for two years and won two incentive award trips.  Unfortunately, my contract was not guaranteed for renewal due to pipeline issues.  So I reviewed your material again, and partook of your free webinars and this time landed a Medical Device job with [name withheld].  I just turned 51 years old this month, and succeeded against the odds. Your coaching and support materials were a pivotal part of my success. Thank you.

Best Regards,


Congratulations, David!  If you want to move into medical device sales, here's what David used:

30-60-90-Day Sales Plan

Free Training Webinars

Best of luck in your job search!



Thank You Emails After Phone Interviews – 6 More ‘How To’ Posts

ThankYouI recently posted an article on Thank You Emails After Phone Interviews - 10 How To Posts.  I dug a little deeper and found 6 more for you.

Your thank you emails or notes are so important--maybe more than you know (see the first article here).  It's worth it to read as much as you can to write a great thank you note that moves you forward in the hiring process.  Enjoy!

1.  Send Thank You Emails After Every Single Interview  (see a true story about how not sending a thank you email after a phone interview was the kiss of death for one candidate)

2. Thank You Notes After the Interview: 3 Great Tips (this one has a tip for how to get the interviewer's email address)

3.  Thank You Email Tips for After Your Job Interview

4. The Thank You Email After Your Interview – What To Write To Get The Offer  (this post has a link where you can download a free report on following up after your job interviews)

5.  A Thank You Note Will Boost Your Chance to Get the Job  (this post has a link where you can download a free Job Interview Prep Kit)

6. Send a Follow Up Email After Your Job Interview



One Fast Way To Evaluate Your Resume

Fast-Resume-Eval-ErinKIf your resume is not getting the results you’d expect based on your skills and experience, maybe it needs to be evaluated. All the information could be perfect; perfectly bland. Here’s a fast way to evaluate your resume, and it’s based on the way it will be evaluated when it reaches that VIP looking for someone to fill a position:

Pick up your resume and scan it for 30 seconds, then cover it and write down what you remember. 

Actually, thirty seconds might be longer than most HR people look at it, but they have developed serious speed reading skills. What do you remember about your resume? What stands out?

Now consider that your resume is something you are familiar with — and it was probably hard to remember what you said about yourself. Imagine what it’s like to read through hundreds of resumes in an attempt to find the best candidates to call in for interviews! These people don’t know you, and they do know what they need in the position.

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How to Successfully Ask for the Job

jobinterview - Copy - CopyYour amazing resume got you the interview.  You prepared for the interview, practiced your interview answers, and created your 30/60/90-day plan. Now you're in the interview, and it comes down to the end. What do you do? You need to ask for the job.

This is where you may stumble (many do). In this video, I'll give you critical tips about what to say, how to say it, and what great qualities it demonstrates to the hiring manager about you. This is vital for your success (the job offer).

Click on the video to watch.

Learn much more about how to do this easily and effectively here:

Interview Tips:  Boost Your Chances To Get the Job Offer by 40%



Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Have Laser-Like Focus

FlowerThe successful warrior
is the average man,
with laser-like focus. 

- Bruce Lee


To find and get a job fast, develop laser-like focus on it.  What does that mean?  It means to go after it with intensity. An aggressive job seeker will be more successful than a timid one.

How does this apply to you?  Don't wait until jobs are posted on Monster, send your application, and never check on your status.  Instead, go to hiring managers (someone who could hire you) at companies you'd like to work for and tell them you're available.  That's aggressive.  What's more aggressive is contacting hiring managers by the hundreds.  That's how you can get multiple interviews within just a few weeks.  That kind of laser-like focus will make you successful and get you hired quickly.

Need help getting started?  Read these:

'I Wasted Too Much Time on Job Boards'

Fastest Way to Find a Job Series - 25 Tips for a Super-Fast Job Search

Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews

I wish you the best of luck this week in your job search!



Revise Your Resume, Get Interviews

Update-ResumeI get calls and notes from job seekers asking me about all kinds of crazy plans to get certifications, take classes, pay job placement agencies, or otherwise spend a lot of money trying to get a job.  What do I say?  One, never pay anyone who says they can place you in a job; and two, before you invest a huge amount of time and money into something you may not need, look at the simple fixes first--like your resume.

Look at this note I got from Rebecca:

Hi Peggy,

Just a note to say THANK YOU for your help. Since I sent my newly revised resume, my phone is ringing and I am also receiving offers from e-mails for jobs. You Are GREAT!

God Bless,

Rebecca McConnell

She revised her resume and her phone started ringing.  Does your resume need a revision, too?

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How to Ask for a Raise [Fox News Dallas]

Fox-News-Dallas-2-26Would you like a raise in 2015? Tune in to see my segment on Fox News Dallas-Fort Worth February 26th and learn exactly what you need to know to ask for a raise successfully.

To make sure you don't miss a thing, I've created a Complimentary Special Report - How to Ask for a Raise with all my hints and tips written out for you.  It's completely free--no charge. Click the link below to get it.

Click Here to Get my Free Report: How to Ask for a Raise

Click Here to Get the Report

This report is my gift to you. I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you get the raise you deserve.

I was very pleased to be asked to show you how to ask for and receive a raise for the hard work you do.  Thank you Fox News Dallas-Ft. Worth!

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