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‘Over 50 Career Change – Count Me Another Success Story!’

canstockphoto9945661Here is a fantastic job search success story from Eleanor, who got a job she is very excited about in a whole new industry as an ‘Over 50’ white-haired job seeker. Read her story to see how she did it.

In Eleanor’s story she mentions TAC, which is Career Confidential’s Total Access Club, and the 30-60-90-Day Plan, which comes FREE with TAC membership.


Hi Peggy and Carl,

I have some great news!

Last Thursday I wasn’t on the [TAC] call because I was at my second interview—a lunch with my prospective team. My first interview had been with the company president and operations head. Time constraints prevented me from presenting my 30 60 90 Day Action Plan, so in my thank you email, I mentioned wishing we had had more time because I would have loved their feedback on the Plan I wasn’t able to present. The operations head instead asked me to present it at my second interview with the entire team….Got some really good feedback from the team during my presentation, fleshing some of it out. I was taking notes.

There was a team meeting Thursday afternoon. The President saw the plan at that point, and was apparently even happier that he had already given me a thumbs up. By the end of day I had the job offer. I start tomorrow.

As you may remember, I am well over 50 and have white hair (since I was 30!!)…I have been in nonprofit fundraising for quite a while. I am no longer. Hallelujah! …

My new position (75% FT—30 hours a week in my new world) is as Client Services Manager for a startup firm that has a great client feedback tool that allows businesses to send a short (6-8 questions) survey to clients at certain touchpoints in a project…After enough surveys have been sent and completed, there are reports that indicate long-term trends that can help companies make some really good decisions in terms of best practices, assigning personnel to projects, etc. The company has grown to a point where they really need someone to make sure clients are well-cared for, and implementation of the client feedback process for them is managed well. That would be me.

They liked the 30 60 90 Day Plan so much, it looks as though I will be doing 30 60 90 Day Implementation Plans and having a PP presentation for each client so we all stay on track!

I have learned so much from both of you as a member of TAC. Because this is a huge industry shift for me, I was grilled both by the president and my team, and was able to effectively answer in a way that showed them I am a good fit for the job. I usually do interview well, but some of the things I’ve heard over these many months gave me both language and perspective I didn’t have before.

The parent company has been recognized as one of the best small businesses to work for in the country! The two companies share the same president. The President actually told me in my first interview that most architects don’t hit the right stride in their company until they are 60, which told me upfront that they value maturity and experience. You kept saying, Peggy, to look at the small companies [as an older job seeker]. I can say “Amen” to that.

And because of your teaching us how to sell ourselves, I actually have language to speak with and understand our Sales person. He and I will be working very closely together, so I have one less thing to learn. Helpful since I need to learn an entire industry!

Thank you so-o-o much for everything that you offer. And for the great interaction between the two of you, and for your honesty in all your presentations and how you answer questions. I have really enjoyed what has been a difficult time in some ways.

Count me as another success story.

Eleanor M.


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Job Interview Questions and Answers on Fox News!

Fox News VideoHey Dallas!  Did you see me on Fox News this morning?

We had a great segment, with a quiz on the best job interview answers.  (Thanks, Lauren Przybyl!)

See the clip here => Job Interview Tips Video

In honor of today's appearance, I am giving away Free Downloads of my newest ebook,

How to Answer Interview Questions II


 Get How to Answer Interview Questions II on Amazon for free, today only (October 2, 2014).



Amazon Kindle eBooks for Your Job Search and Interviews

Check out Career Confidential's ebooks on Amazon's Kindle store to help you answer interview questions, prepare for your interviews, work with recruiters, find a job fast, ace your phone interview, and jumpstart your job search.  Click on the links below to see book descriptions and reviews.  Download them today!


  How To Answer Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions Ebook - Cover

Can you explain why you're the person they need to hire? Employers ask you a hundred different interview questions... but what they really want to know is,
"Why should we hire you?" If you get interviews but you don't get the job, you have not explained that to them. This is the book that will show you how to use your answers to get the job.

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 How to Answer Interview Questions II


Deliver perfect interview answers that make you stand out and get hired with this set of additional 101 job interview questions and answers.  Learn how to include special details that set you apart and avoid mistakes that knock you out of the running.  Learn the Keys to a Great Interview and get a Bonus:  How to Handle Illegal Interview Questions.

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  How to Work With Recruiters Effectively

Recruiter-Ebook-Cover - CopyWhat's the most powerful place you can be in as a job seeker? The most powerful place you can be as a job seeker is having someone the company knows and trusts marketing you for the job--that someone is a recruiter. If you are in a job search now, or want to get better and better opportunities throughout your career, you need to understand how to leverage the considerable power of recruiters.

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  How to Ace Your Phone Interview

 PhoneInterview-eBookCoverThis book is for YOU if you want to slam-dunk every phone interview and get invited to the face-to-face.  You will discover my best phone interview tips from 14 years of interviewing thousands of candidates (as a hiring manager and recruiter). This is your key to phone interview success!

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  Jumpstart Your Job Search

Jumpstart_Your_Job_Search_flat-final-2500If you feel like your job search is stalled because you can’t get enough interviews, then this is the book for you!  It will jumpstart your job search and put you in the interview seat, so you can get a job fast.

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Finding a Job Fast, Using a 30 60 90 Day Plan

306090ebookFinding a Job Fast, Using a 30/60/90-Day Plan brings you a dynamic new way to take control of your job search and prove to hiring managers that you have what it takes to join the team. Whether you have years of experience in your field or none at all, you can get the job offer you have been waiting for.

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 How Do You Prepare For an Interview?

PrepareforInterviewebookJob interviews are more competitive than ever.  If you go to interviews but are not getting offers, someone else is out-preparing and out-performing you in the interview.  This book will turn YOU into the stand-out candidate who walks away with the job.

As a Bonus with the book, you also get a Free Downloadable Interview Prep Guide - Career Confidential's Job Interview Prep Kit will walk you through any professional or executive job interview preparation.

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30 Day Business Plan for Job Interviews

jobinterview - CopyWhat's in the back of the hiring manager's (interviewer's) mind as they interview you for the job?  Lots of questions, like...

  • Can you do the job?
  • Will you do the job?
  • Will you cause me problems?
  • Will I like working with you?
  • Will you fit into this company?
  • Can you get up to speed quickly?

The very best way to answer all these questions in a positive way and show that you are the best person for the job is to bring a 30-Day Business Plan for your job interview.

Read the rest of this article...


ESL Job Interview Role Play Tool (50 Videos)

Business man portraitIt's always important to practice your interview answers, or to role-play an interview, before your actual interview. Practicing your answers means that you will be less nervous, more confident, and more effective at selling yourself for the job.  If English is your second language, this is even more important. Practicing means that you will say what you mean to say, and you will be able to deliver your answers smoothly and confidently.

If English is your second language, here is an excellent tool to help you practice your job interview answers:

Job Interview Questions and Answers Video Series

This series consists of 50 different videos where I ask a job interview question that you can answer on your own, and then you can play my answer.  Compare both, and easily see how to improve your answers immediately. These are the answers that will get you hired.

I've been hearing many comments from folks who aren't as comfortable with English telling me that they love this tool.  I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself.



Interview Questions for Sales Jobs

Sales Job Interview QuestionsAre you about to interview for a sales job?

Here are some of the questions you will most likely be asked in a job sales interview.  Click on the question to go to the article that tells you how to answer it.

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. What's your greatest weakness?
  3. What motivates you?
  4. Why did you leave your last job?
  5. Why do you want to work here?
  6. What sales techniques do you use? (Sometimes asked as, "Sell me this pen.")
  7. What is good customer service?
  8. How do you deal with difficult customers?
  9. Describe yourself.
  10. How do you define success?

These questions are pulled from my How to Answer Interview Questions Series.  The series contains 101 questions, so feel free to explore and get even more interview answers that will get you the job.  Also, Forbes has a great list of 50 questions to ask before hiring sales employees.  I encourage you to look over this list for additional questions you may be asked, and practice how you would answer them.  When it comes to interviews, it's always better to be over-prepared and ready for anything.



The Fine Print on Franchises: What you need to know before signing on the dotted line.

rockypath - CopyFranchises offer entrepreneurs many benefits, including marketing tools and expertise, lots of back room support, and training to help new business owners succeed.

The road to the right franchise, however, may present some rough terrain to cross, which is why preparation is so critical. Every potential new franchisee needs to take the time to read the fine print before signing any contracts.

The good news is that Federal Trade Commission regulations provide a good safety net, which goes a long way toward helping potential new franchisees avoid getting a raw deal. A franchise coach can help you through the nitty-gritty of this process.

You will want to get a copy of the franchise disclosure document, which franchisors are required by law to provide you at least 14 days before you sign a contract or pay any money. You can ask for the document in any format convenient for you.

Before signing any contracts, we recommend you consult a franchise attorney who has the expertise to help you review what can be a long and complex agreement. In the meantime, as you begin your preliminary research, here’s what you should look for:

Read the rest of this article...

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Writing an Action Plan for Your Job Interview

canstockphoto7926879The best tool you could ever bring to any job interview is an action plan for how you would attack the job and be successful in it.  Writing an action plan shows who you are and what you can do in a substantial way, and makes you stand head and shoulders above those who did not write their own plan.

How do you write an action plan?

Just like with any big goal, the best place to start is to break it down in to smaller, more specific goals.  So, with an action plan for the first 90 days on the job, you'd break it up into smaller sections:  the first 30 days, the next 30 days (60 day) and the last 30 days (90 day).

Then you'd think about what specifically you'd need to take action on in each of those time frames.

Read the rest of this article...


Stop Doing Informational Interviews

I hear the phrase "Informational Interview” used by people who are trying to get a specific job. Focusing on a specific job minimizes the potential of informational interviews.

Here is a better idea that can create significantly more value in your career transition.

Instead of a job informational interview, ask to have a conversation about business. If you want to use the word informational, then call this meeting an “informational meeting.”

If you are relying on an introduction to get the conversation, ask your contact to introduce you for a business conversation, not a job informational interview.

When you meet, use Dale Carnegie's principle and make the conversation about the other person. Focus your questions on them, not on your needs. Use the time together to uncover information about topics like:

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6-Figure Executive Job Search Training Webinar

No-Nonsense Advice
from America’s Top Executive Job Search Expert

Enjoy Inside Leads for Top Positions
and Get the Job You Deserve Faster


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What You Will Discover In This Free Job Search Training:

  • How to Easily Develop an ‘Executive-Strength’ Resume and Cover Letter (without spending $1000s on a resume writer!)
  • How to Uncover $100K+ Opportunities and Eliminate Your Competition
  • How to Interview Like a CEO and Make Them Rush to Offer You the Job


This Need-To-Know Information is Absolutely Free…AND you get 3 Bonus Gifts, too!

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My LinkedIn Connection Request Policy

LinkedInI have a very deliberate policy for accepting LinkedIn Connection Requests.

My policy is based on one word, Relevance.



For me, relevance refers to much more than people who can buy my products/services. Relevance includes the people in my Life, Career, Business and Community.
Read the rest of this article...

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Monday Motivator – You Become What You Think About


You Become What You Think About.
- Earl Nightingale


Have you ever noticed that when you are driving, if you look to one side of the road for very long, you will find yourself drifting in that direction?

Your thoughts work the same way.  You move toward what you focus on.

I want to encourage you today to stay focused on the job you're about to get.  Visualize your job search success.  Visualize great interviews and visualize accepting a great job offer.

That visualization will actually help you project more confidence and perform better in those interviews and other communications with the hiring manager.

Visualize success!

I invite you to come to one of my free job search training webinars this week. In many of my webinars, I teach about how to move toward that job you want faster.  See Weekly Webinar Topics Here.



Perfect Interview Answers Free Training Webinar

Did you know that employers are listening for certain words, phrases, and concepts in your interview answers? If you don’t say what they want to hear, you won’t get the job.

In this webinar, you will learn perfect interview answers you can adapt for any job in any field.

These answers are the “magic words” that will unlock job offers for you. You will learn:

  • Perfect answers for the 4 most common interview questions
  • How to make them want to offer you the job
  • How to relieve the hiring manager’s 4 secret fears about you
  • An interview technique that will make them beg to hire you

Don’t go to another interview without this information!

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‘My New Job Did Not Exist When I Contacted the Hiring Manager’

canstockphoto17287705When you start contacting hiring managers, you never know what treasure of a job you'll find.  This job seeker got the job as the only candidate when she contacted the hiring manager at the company.  She went from beginning a job search to filling out hiring paperwork in 2 months.

Hi Peggy,

I want to thank you very much for your amazing products, especially the Hidden Jobs Finder!

I was first a bit skeptical about it, but I can say now, that as long as one follows your advice, one is guaranteed to get a job.

I started to look for a new job at the beginning of May and was filling out the hiring paperwork on the 1st of July.

This was all thanks to the Hidden Jobs Finder.

I found a job that paid almost as much as I wanted with great benefits [and an] amazing boss, in the perfect location...I can tell for sure, that without Hidden Jobs Finder I would have [had] no chance at finding the job, simply because the position did not even exist when I contacted the Hiring Manager!

My current boss just felt overwhelmed and was thinking that he needed some help, but didn't have time to even start working on getting help. He was really happy when I contacted him and offered help through LinkedIn.

[Your] 30/60/90 day plan also rocked. I gave it to my future boss at that time and it served as a guide on what I was going to do.

So as you may have guessed, I was the ONLY candidate for the position. I had [the] perfect resume (based on your [Extreme Makeover] resume kit), perfect experience, I showed that I can create the position and help - so I was hired!...I really, really advise anyone who is looking for [a] job to listen to your webinars and get your products!

...THANK YOU again for being there and [for your] passion for helping others in their job search.

Good luck,

L. C.

This job seeker utilized the:

Hidden Jobs Finder

Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

30/60/90-Day Plan

You are also invited to attend our free webinars.

See our current webinar schedule here:  Training Webinars Page


How to Crush the All-Day Marathon Interview

Got an all-day marathon interview coming up?Yahoo

You need to know how to get organized, research the interviewers, prepare questions to ask each one, get physically prepared for this grueling event, and follow up well with each participant.

To perform at top level, start by reading this fantastic article on Yahoo FinanceHow to Crush the All-Day Marathon Interview

*My being quoted in this article in no way affects my impartial assessment of its greatness. :-)

Thanks, Laura McMullen of US News and World Report!

US News