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Resume Writing LIVE Webinar


If You Aren't Getting Interviews, You Need a Resume Review.

See How To Improve Your Resume To Get Interviews!

LIVE Resume Review
LIVE Resume Review
Tuesday, 6 May 2014
1:00 pm (GMT-4) Eastern Time (US and Canada)

In this in-depth resume training webinar, you will go through actual resumes with an expert to learn:

  • How to Write a Resume That Gets Interviews
  • The Correct Format, Length, and Style
  • What To Do With Your Objective Statement
  • How to Make Your Job History 'Sell' You
  • What To Do With Too Much (or NO) Experience
  • What To Do With Your References

You can even send in your own resume as a possible choice for live evaluation during the webinar.

This Interview-Getting Training is Absolutely Free…

AND you get 2 Bonus Gifts, too!

Gift #1... Just for registering

When you register, you’ll receive my Podcast – 10 Deadly Resume Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs. If you find (and correct) these common resume mistakes, it will dramatically improve your chances of getting interviews immediately.


Gift #2... Just for attending

At the webinar, you’ll receive my exclusive Podcast: How to Write an Attention-Getting Cover LetterThis podcast is filled with easy tips for writing a cover letter that compels them to read your resume and think positively about you.


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DASHING Cover Letters

Are Cover Letters Important?

Yes. While some may argue that a cover letter is an “extra step”, I say it is an expected step when sending out your résumé. Outside of the fact that omitting the cover letter can be perceived as being lazy, we exist in a very competitive job-market, and a well-written cover letter is a tool that can help to position you ahead of the competition.

Covers letter are intended to spark the interest of the reader and to compel the reader to take action steps based on what they have read. Your cover letter is your “call to action”. This is the tool that asks for an interview.

Are there any specific “rules” for how to write a cover letter? The only absolute rule is that you must have one. Cover letters do not have a set format or style; they can be creative or conservative, depending on where you are sending your materials. They will change to best address each particular opportunity.

Below are a few tips for crafting a DASHING document:

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How to Get a Job In 6 Weeks ... GUARANTEED Training Webinar

How To Get A Job in 6 Weeks… GUARANTEED!

Comprehensive plan for your resume, job search,
and interviews will get you HIRED

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Why Online Applications Are Killing Your Job Search Free Training Webinar

If You Are Applying Online—STOP!!
Discover How Job Seekers Are Getting Interviews
at Companies That Have Ignored Their Online Applications


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What You Will Discover In This Free Job Search Training:

  • Why You Should STOP Applying for Jobs Online NOW
  • 4 Reasons Applying Online Doesn’t Work
  • How to Get Interviews (If You Already Tried and Failed)
  • 3 Big Resume Mistakes You’re Probably Making
  • How to Make Your Resume Stand Out
  • How to Find the Right Person to Contact at Any Company
  • How to Get Anywhere from 2 to 20 Interviews
  • The 4 Questions You Must Answer to Get Hired
  • How to ‘Crush’ Every Interview and Get the Offer


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Your Resume: Save or Trash?

If your resume is not winning quality interviews, then consider that what you are sending out is ineffective.

Your resume has approximately 6 seconds to make a lasting impression. 5-4-3-2-1. That’s it! Then it’s either in the trash can or in the “save” folder to call for an interview.

Below are 3 quick questions to see if your resume can pass the 6-second “save or trash” test:

  1. Can your reader read it? If the font is too small and the reader needs reading glasses to see your phone number, do not expect a call.
  2. Did you define yourself? I recommend a header that makes it clear who you are, and how you want to be perceived. (Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Food and Beverage, Entry-Level Public Relations, etc.) If your reader needs to dig to see where you might fit into their organization, they will not bother and your resume is in the trash can.
  3. Have you immediately indicated the value that you have to offer? The profile is one of the most important components of a resume. If yours is filled with generic statements such as “Hard-working individual with 5 years of marketing experience…”, then you are headed for the “NO” pile. Employers want to know what you have to offer them and what you bring to the table. Your profile must be unique and quickly convince your reader that you are an exceptional candidate that brings value to the table.

In 6 seconds or less, can you convince a reader to keep reading? Re-read your resume and ask yourself if your document passes the “save or trash” test.

* Guest post by Michelle Riklan of Riklan Resources, Inc.


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How Do I Get My Resume to Land on the Top of the Pile? (and to stay out of the trashcan) Tip #1 – Cut and Paste?

Can someone else cut and paste what you wrote and put it on their resume? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to re-write your resume.

A resume is a marketing tool. The #1 goal of a resume is to get an employer to call you and schedule an interview. Employers are looking at hundreds of resumes — so how do you get yours noticed?

If it has the same generic wording as everyone else, it will most likely go to the trashcan. Your resume should grab the reader’s attention and compel them to keep reading.

Showcase what you bring to the table and highlight your unique value. Employers want to know very specifically what you can do for them.

 * Guest post by Michelle Riklan of Riklan Resources, Inc., our newest Career Confidential Expert Partner!


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LinkedIn Now Allows You to Re-Arrange Your Skills and Expertise!

When you first selected your skills and expertise on LinkedIn you could put them in order of your preference. But once you started collecting endorsements, LinkedIn automatically listed them in numerical order for you. You didn't have a choice and once they started to accumulate you couldn't strategically place the skills you wanted endorsements for.

That is no longer the case. LinkedIn just recently has allowed users to re-arrange the order of their skills and expertise. Now, if you want endorsements for certain skills, you can place them at the top of the list--hoping your connections will take the hint and endorse you for those skills they see first.

When I do presentations for job seekers, one the most frequent questions I get is if it is possible for people to move their skills around so they can be endorsed for the skills they want to be recruited for. Up until this week the answer was no. Now, you can rearrange until your heart is content.

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Three Keys for Your LinkedIn Headline to STANDOUT!

Most of the LinkedIn profile Headlines I see on LinkedIn today are LinkedIn default headlines. What is the LinkedIn default headline? The default setting is your last job title and the company you worked for.

Example: Marketing Manager at ABC Company. Sounds terribly exciting doesn't it? I just did a search on LinkedIn for "Marketing Manager" and the results were 1,329,169 results for "Marketing Manager". Yes, I used the quotes because I wanted that exact phrase. Just a little competition.

So being a Marketing Manager, that's OK, but it's JUST OK. You need to breathe some life into your headline in order to stand out on LinkedIn. You are competing with almost 300 million profiles. Your headline does not have to be your job. You are not your job. Even if you are in a job search your headline should showcase who you are. It should be your ideal target position and what you do, not just a job title.

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A Franchise – But I’ve Never Owned a Business


It happens all the time.

Many people say they have always wanted to own their own business, but few follow through.  One of the most common reasons they give is that they have never owned a business.  “How will I know all the things I’ll need to do?”, they ask.  “I’m a good manager.  But there are so many other things involved in owning a business.  How will I know how to do those?”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, captures the reason to invest in a franchise.  With a franchise, the franchise company will train you in all of the things you’ll need to know.   And they will help and support you after you get started.

Nobody has mastered all of the different skills needed to successfully start, grow, and run a business.  But with a franchise, you don’t have to know all of that before you start.

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How to Work With Recruiters Effectively (New eBook on Amazon)

Picture this:

Your dream job is opening up in a great company.  Someone the company knows and trusts says, "Hey, I've got the perfect person for this."

That perfect person is YOU.  The company is excited to meet you.  You already stand out from all the other candidates and have a fantastic shot at this job.

If you would like this to happen for you, then you need to read my latest ebook,

How to Work With Recruiters Effectively:
Get Headhunters to Market You

I am so excited to be releasing this book.  I worked with my business partner Carl Chapman (an award-winning recruiter) to bring you the best advice for not just working with recruiters now, but building relationships with them that can put your career on the fast-track for years to come.

Read more about How to Work With Recruiters Effectively on Amazon.

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LinkedIn's Profile Strength Indicator - How Do You Measure Up?

LinkedIn says 51% of profiles are complete, and 49% are not at the All Star level.

LinkedIn calls it a profile strength meter. The Profile Strength meter is on the right side of your profile and gauges how robust your profile is. The strength will increase as you add more content.

Move and hover your cursor over the circle in the box to view the next level of strength you can reach. You can click the Improve Your Profile Strength link for a guided tour that’ll guide you through adding content to your profile.

There are 5 levels of strength

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13 Things You Have To Do Every Week on LinkedIn!

One of the most important social media platforms for business is LinkedIn. So how do you stay top of mind with your connections on LinkedIn?

Here is a list of ideas to make you stand out from the crowd.

1) Share an article in your updates with others on LinkedIn, or in your groups, and even a connection that you think may benefit from reading it.

2) Use the contacts feature under the drop down for your network. Congratulate someone for landing a new job, wish them a Happy Birthday, or send them a note about an article they were mentioned in.

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Amazon Kindle eBooks for Your Job Search and Interviews

Telephone Interview EbookCheck out Career Confidential's ebooks on Amazon's Kindle store to help you answer interview questions, prepare for your interviews, work with recruiters, find a job fast, ace your phone interview, and jumpstart your job search.  Click on the links below to see book descriptions and reviews.  Download them today!




  How To Answer Interview Questions


Can you explain why you're the person they need to hire? Employers ask you a hundred different interview questions... but what they really want to know is,
"Why should we hire you?" If you get interviews but you don't get the job, you have not explained that to them. This is the book that will show you how to use your answers to get the job.

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