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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Make It Happen

FlowerSome people want it to happen,
some wish it would happen,
others make it happen.

- Michael Jordan


Everyone in a job search wants to get called for an interview and get a job at a great company.  They wish for multiple interviews and great offers. Be the person who makes it happen.  How?

  • Contact the hiring manager directly about the job, instead of applying online.
  • Contact hiring managers (the person who would be your boss, or your boss's boss) at companies where you'd like to work, even if you don't know of a job opening.
  • Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your interview, even if it feels uncomfortable or weird to do it.

These are the things that get you job interviews and job offers--and you can make it happen.

To find out exactly how to find the hiring managers you need and exactly what to say to them to make them want to interview you, get the Hidden Jobs Finder.  This tool has all the information you need to get the interview you want.

To find out how to create a 30-60-90-Day Plan and use it in the interview, choose the one that applies to you:

30-60-90-Day Sales Plan (for sales jobs)

30-60-90-Day Action Plan (for all non-sales jobs)

30-60-90-Day Plan for Managers (for management-level jobs)

30-60-90-Day Plan for Executives (for Director, President, VP, and C-Level jobs)

Each tool has perfect templates, sample plans, and most importantly--coaching on how to use your plan to communicate effectively in the interview and get the job offer.

Best of luck!



Want to earn a million bucks? You ought to consider owning your own business

Dan-Citrenbaum-MillionRemember those carefree college days when you declared your major and thought that what you really wanted was a job that would make you a good living and, if all went well, you would one day earn a million dollars?

A million dollars doesn’t seem like so much money anymore with the number of billionaires proliferating about as fast as the middle class is shrinking. And you’ve realized that tying your future to someone else’s trajectory has its risks.

The fact is you’re far more likely to become a millionaire by owning your own business than any other method. But, as we all learn sooner or later, it’s not really about the money. It’s about finding fulfillment in your work, feeling appreciated for what you do and controlling your own destiny.

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Job Search Training Webinar Helps 60-Year-Old Get Hired

WebinarAre you in your 50s or 60s and having a hard time getting interviews or getting hired?  You're not alone.

Check out this inspiring letter from Nancy Dickey, who got 3 offers in 5 months using tips, ideas, and suggestions she got from our Free Job Search Webinars.

Hi Peggy...
I just wanted to thank you. You're a valuable resource to anyone and everyone who is in the midst of a job search. I found you through "The Ladders" last November when I was downsized due to funding from my job. I was devastated, as I had never - in 40 years of employment - been without a job.

I worked at my mission. I put time in every day until I moved at least one thing forward - be it a conversation with a recruiter, an HR department, a phone interview....etc. I listened to your Webinars, I redid my resume with your suggestions, I got interviews and I kept positive. There are jobs out there - it's a matter of what is right for you and also....timing. I landed a fabulous job last week - through a recruiter. I'm so thrilled. I'm 60years old and I defy anyone to say that age is a problem. Not so. This was the third offer I received in the space of 5 months. I believe the process can happen if you work at it and do the search the right way. I "gutwrenchingly" turned down two other offers. They just weren't for me....if I'm going to work for another 5-7 years - it's going to be at something that I love.

So, thank you for your tips, ideas and suggestions. I've told people about your webinars and I'm hoping that they take advantage of your service. I can't wait for my new job to begin. I can't wait to go out to work in the morning, call on clients, and feel like I've accomplished something during the day. Off with the sweatpants and on to blow drying my hair in the morning!!

Best Regards,

Nancy Dickey

Sign up for one of our Free Training Webinars today.



Is Summer the Best Time for Your Executive Job Hunt?

Erin-K-SummerThe dog days of summer are here again, but for many, it’s not quite time to relax. If you’re looking for a new job, you may be wondering if summer is a good time to begin your job search. Of course, the best time to look for a job is when you need it, but can searching in the summer increase your chances or make it easier for you to land a new position? This season certainly has some benefits!

Longer Days

Summer’s long days mean more daylight hours for your job search. Once you’ve finished writing an effective resume, you still have to get out there and submit your resume, travel to job interviews and follow up with job leads. Luckily, the summer months give you plenty of daytime hours to do so, and the longer days allow you to be more productive, giving you more time to hone those resumes that get you hired before you start your summer job search.
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Basel Life Science Week 2015

BaselAre you in the Life Sciences industry?  It's time to pack your bags to meet me in Switzerland!

I am thrilled to be presenting at Basel Life Science Week, held September 21-24.

I will be presenting 6 workshops on job search and career success for everyone in the life sciences:

Resumes – 3 Simple Changes to Get More Interviews

Job Search Solutions – Where Are the Hidden Jobs?

Job Interviews – How to Get More Offers

How to Get a Promotion

Older Job Seekers – What You Need to Know About Age and Your Job SearchBasel-Workshops

Networking for Career Success


They've lined up some outstanding Keynote Speakers and amazing Scientific Forums on Aging and Drug Discovery, Digital Health & Care, Signaling and Drug Resistance in Cancer, Stem Cells in Biomedicine, and more.

In addition, over 100 life science and biomedical companies will be presenting new products and services (including Bio-Rad, Roche, PerkinElmer, Thermo Fisher, and more).

This will be an amazing experience and I am very excited to have been asked to present.

I hope to see you there!

 – How to Answer Interview Questions (Would you rather be liked or feared?)

Amazon_LogoSay the interviewer asks you this in a job interview (especially a management-level job interview):

Would you rather be liked or feared?

What will you say?

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Online Authority is Essential for Professionals

Erin-K-Online-AuthorityProfessional resume and executive resume services have always emphasized the importance of networking for those interested in finding a job or moving ahead in their career plans. This is because the interactions we have with others in our industries creates a background impression that job applications, resumes, and cover letters are viewed against. People see the resume, for instance, and find out more by either asking around or remembering contact.

LinkedIn is an online networking site, the biggest and most influential one we have access to in 2015. Louisa Chan is a marketing expert, and her post on Copyblogger is primarily speaking to content writers. But the 7 Ways to Build Online Authority with LinkedIn that Chan suggests are good suggestions for professionals of any industry who wish to establish authority in their field. Isn’t this what networking and moving ahead as a professional is all about? As others become familiar with our expertise, we have a voice in the field — and the more expertise that is in our voice, the more authority we have.

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How To Write A Killer Resume That Gets Results

write a resumeSending out a resume is a little spark of hope. You’re looking for something better than your existing job. More responsibility. Higher salary. Better opportunities. Or perhaps you’re currently unemployed, and you desperately need a way back on to the job ladder. Either way, you need a resume that catches the eye.

Studies show that prospective employers make a decision within eight seconds of looking at a resume. HR people know what they’re looking for, and they do this every day. They know quickly whether you’re the right person for the job. That means your resume and your cover letter are the key to getting through the door.                                                                   photo

Not only that, but some companies now run their prospective candidate CVs through a computer. It highlights keywords and eliminates the useless resumes before they even reach a human being. It’s tough out there, job-hunters! But, we’ll show you how to craft a killer resume. Let’s take a look.

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Find the Opportunity

FlowerIn the middle of every difficulty
lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein


It's easy to get discouraged or intimidated by a job search--it can be a difficult time.  However, I hope you remember that in this difficulty is a chance for you to make a great change in your life--to find a job you love, great people to work with, or even a move to a wonderful new place to live.

It's a lot more difficult to contact hiring managers directly than to just keep applying online--but it leads you to much greater opportunities.  Candidates who apply to companies unsuccessfully get interviews when they contact a hiring manager.

I hope you remember these things this week and focus on the opportunities you're about to find and the positive outcome you'll enjoy.

If you don't know how to find and contact hiring managers, go here:

How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews

If you are really having a difficult time, for whatever reason, set up a Career Coaching session with me:  Peggy McKee Career Coaching.  I'd love to help you.

Best of luck!



50-Something Job Seeker Gains Confidence and Gets the Job

50s Job Seeker C FrostI speak to a lot of job seekers in their 50s and 60s with flagging self-confidence (for a lot of reasons--age bias, a job search that's very different from the last time they had to look, health issues, or personal circumstances).

So, I wanted to share with you this email from a job seeker in his 50s who learned how to answer interview questions, gained confidence, and got the job:

Hi Peggy

I would like to let you know for the last few weeks I have been reading and listening to your advice and would like to say a big 'Thank you' to you. I have put your advice into 'action' and was offered a position today from a quality company.

I am in my 50's and looking at the employees, it looks as if I will be the most mature of the employees in the company and it did not affect my chances. Your experience, advice and enthusiasm has help me tremendously to have the confidence to answer the questions correctly knowing the reasons behind the questions, so I was armed with the correct tools, to do as you say 'nail that job'. Thank you once again.


C Frost

Here are 2 ways you can give yourself a job search edge and get the offer:

Mr. Frost said it helped him to know the "why" behind interview questions.  I cover this information extensively in 2 ebooks on Amazon:

How to Answer Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions II

Also, you can discover plenty of job-winning advice and insights in my
Free Training Webinar, 5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search.

I encourage you to come to the webinar--you will leave it energized, positive, confident, and ready to win a great job.

> Sign Up For the Webinar Here <



Pertinent Things You Need to Investigate When Trying to Choose a Career Path

PertinentChoosing a career path is a hugely important decision in life. You need to make sure you have thought hard about what you want to do. And then you need to work on techniques to help you succeed. Have a look at these important things you’ll need to think about when choosing a career path.

Look at Job Openings

The first thing you need to do is have a look at the job openings available. You need to get a feel for the sorts of career opportunities out there. Some may be local to you, others won’t be. But it’s important you get a feel for the market. Have a look at the opportunities then you’ll get an idea of what to aspire to.

Image Source

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The Essential Guide To Becoming A Security Guard

Security GuardDo you fancy a career as a security guard? There is a variety of jobs you can do within this remit, and there are plenty of opportunities for progression.

You could end up looking after the safety of people in hospital schools, banks, and many other public institutions. You could also work as a night guard, protecting important buildings from break-ins and intruders.

It’s an interesting mix of work, and a post in one field could well lead to a job in another. If you are interested, read on to find out what you need to do to make it in the security guard business.


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Predictive Analytics and Your Career

“While not new, predictive analytics is an important factor in assessing a candidate’s fit and potential. What is new is its accelerating use in corporate America as a means to filter candidates in and out of consideration long before any personal assessment is made.” — Lou Adler

Erin-K-PredictiveLou Adler is a regular contributor to LinkedIn and has so much experience and authority in his perspective on the hiring process that it is worth taking the time to understand what he says about the way Big Brother is Now Determining Your Hirability. Today, a person seeking a position is filtered by all that is in their resume, and all that is in their online brand as well. There’s a list of characteristics that fit into a pattern; the pattern of the Achiever.

Read the rest of this article... – How to Answer Interview Questions (What would you do if you got behind schedule with your part of a project?)

Amazon_LogoSay the interviewer asks you this in a job interview:

What would you do if you got behind schedule with your part of a project?

What will you say?

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Job Interviews – Why Aren’t You Making the Cut?

Are you getting interviews but no offers? Watch this video.

In the video, I talk about working with a job seeker (as a career coach) who came to me because he could not make the cut past the first interview, and couldn't get a job offer. This guy was an articulate, educated, talented person--there really should have been no reason why he couldn't get the job. The advice I give him is good for any job--sales, accounting, finance, health care or medical, education, retail, you name it. If you aren't making the cut in your interviews to move forward and get the job offer, you need to watch this video.

Here is your key to getting the job offer every time:

30-60-90-Day Plan: How to Create and Use It to Knock Their Socks Off in the Job Interview