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How to Create a Great Executive Sales Resume

Executive Sales ResumeIf you’re involved in the sales industry, you already know the importance of a great pitch. The ideal pitch should take only a few seconds to hook a consumer and can be the ticket to making a worthwhile sale or gaining a regular client. The same factors apply to your resume and executive resume bio. These serve as a self-pitch, meant to illustrate your experiences, skills and other related attributes to hiring managers. Keep in mind recruiters have only a small amount of time to view your resume. If you go into too much detail and don’t stick to relevant information, you risk being skipped over entirely. Let us offer you some advice on how to make your resume stand out from the rest.

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Military to Civilian Job Search Help - Mission: Transition

military to civilian job searchThe military-to-civilian job transition can be tough. For job-seeking veterans, finding jobs that fit and communicating the value of their skills to civilian employers can be difficult.

This is why we at Career Confidential created Mission: Transition--a specially-designed job search training package for active-duty military, veterans, and their families.

These tools can make the difference in getting stuck in frustrating unemployment (unemployment rates for veterans are higher than average) or finding the perfect job quickly. See how these tools helped TLR:

I am retiring from the military in two months. My first interview was not good, but in my post-interview review I found you.
Your system is a great one - I nailed all of the subsequent phone interviews and my face to face interview. The result is I landed my dream job against some stiff competition.
The brag book was a game changer and when I brought out the 30-60-90 day plan I could sense the deal was sealed. Thanks! ...I have told all my peers about you!
- Cheers, TLR

If you know anyone transitioning from a military to a civilian job, please share this post.

Find more details here - Mission: Transition



Best Military to Civilian Job Search Tips

Veteran Job SearchIf you are active duty military or a veteran in a civilian job search, what are your biggest problems?

  • Finding enough opportunities
  • Finding the right opportunities that fit your skills
  • Some employers are wary about you and how you may relate and adapt to civilian work culture
  • Explaining your skills in a way that civilian employers see as valuable

These problems can get in the way even when you have true job skills and employers feel favorably about hiring veterans. This is why the unemployment rate for veterans is higher than average. Many a veteran has been passed over for jobs they were completely qualified for.

To overcome these issues and get good job offers, you need to...

Find More Opportunities

When you first begin job searching, you probably get on some kind of job board and look at listings. It looks like a lot at first, until you start narrowing it down to what fits you. What you're left with is a few jobs you can apply for. But guess what? For most people, it won't be enough. Very few of those online applications result in actual interviews (some say it's as low as 2% of applicants).

The big "secret" of job searching is that for every job you see listed, there's at least one more that isn't. That's the hidden job market. That's what you need to access in order to find the opportunities you need.

*See How to Find Unadvertised Jobs and Get Interviews.

Contact Hiring Managers Directly

You need to contact hiring managers directly, because applying online through HR departments won't cut it for you. This method doesn't work for anyone who isn't a letter-perfect fit for the job.

The most effective move any job seeker can make now is to stop applying for jobs online and instead go straight to the hiring manager. Very few online applications result in interviews (and this is true for everyone), so don't even waste your time. Think about what the job title of your potential boss would be, and look for people with those job titles at companies you're interested in and send them an email with your resume. 96% of executives say that contacting hiring managers gets more interviews.  It will probably take some research on your part, but your interviews will be worth it.

* See this video about How to Go Directly to the Hiring Manager to Land the Interview.

Have a Resume That Markets You

In today's job market, a resume that is only a job history won't get you the interviews you want. You need a resume that acts as a marketing document. It should 'sell' you for the job, and grab the attention of employers with a clear, strategically-written objective statement, bullet points, and quantification.

Communicate Effectively in the Interview

When you get the interview, you need to communicate in a way that helps them visualize you in the job. The very best way to do this is to bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan that shows how you would approach this job in the first 90 days. These plans take a lot of research to complete, but the effect on a hiring manager is huge.

30-60-90-Day Plans are the most effective interview tool for everyone from brand-new graduates to those with years of experience. The last time I was in a job search, my plans got my 5 job offers, and when I was a recruiter, I insisted that my candidates bring them, too (and they got hired at a very high rate).

* Find out more about 30 60 90 Day Plans and start creating yours for your interview.

Job Search Success for Active Duty Military and Veterans 

Because military folks (and their spouses, too) can have difficulty effectively communicating your value to employers and getting hired, we put together a targeted collection of tools especially for you called Mission: Transition.  It solves unique issues like job searching long-distance, translating military experience for civilian hiring managers (on resumes and in interviews), answering interview questions, 30-60-90-Day Plans, and more.

*See what's included - Mission: Transition.



How to Network Your Way to Your Dream Job

NetworkThe types of jobs you can get in 2016 are vastly different than what were available decades ago, all thanks to technological advancement. Furthermore, just as the careers available to prospective workers have transformed, so has the way we seek out jobs. Simply sending in applications to openings found on job listing resources no longer seals the deal. Networking is now the ticket to landing most jobs, which means you have to have connections to get desired positions. A large majority of lucrative jobs can no longer be found by scoping the classified section or browsing Craigslist. You have to know someone who already has experience in the industry and ask them to put in a good word for you. If you don’t have the right connections, this problem is easily solvable.

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Educate Yourself

Formal education
will make you a living;
will make you a fortune.

~ Jim Rohn


I think that we all ought to keep learning, growing, and becoming more than we were before. The way to do this is to be constantly furthering our own education in whatever it is that we're working for.

If you're in a job search, it means you should make the effort to learn how to job search and to learn as much as you can about the company before you set foot into your first interview.

If you're already in your job, you need to be reading about your field, your competitors, trends, and how to be better at what you do. This is how you get chosen for raises, bonuses, recognition, and awards, and these are what propel you up the ladder to success.  Companies don't always provide opportunities for continuous learning or extra training, so this is something we need to take charge of ourselves.

If you're in a job search now, I encourage you to learn how to be better at your search (start by attending one of my free job search and interview training webinars this week). Learn how to research the company before your first interview and put all that into a 30-60-90-day plan.  Learn how to answer interview questions and negotiate a better salary.

Now and throughout your career: Get on LinkedIn and Twitter and follow thought leaders in your field. Read blogs and articles that make you better than you were before. Network continually to meet others that you can learn from. I wish you the best of luck!



Is the job search worse than boot camp?

Peggy McKee Job Search Interview CoachingFor active-duty military or veterans, a job search can be difficult.

Civilian employers don't always know what to make of your skills or experience. As a result, many extremely valuable people have been passed over for jobs. (Unemployment rate for vets is higher than average.)

We don't want that to happen to you. So...

Join me on Facebook for 4 Days of Live Streaming Job Search Tips to solve the biggest issues facing military veterans in the job search!

  • What does my resume need to show my value as an employee?Career Confidential on Facebook
    - Monday May 23 @ Noon (Central time)
  • Why can't I get an interview?
    - Tuesday May 24 @ 9 am (Central time)
  • How does LinkedIn fit into my job search? military to civilian job search
    - Wednesday May 25 @ 9 am (Central time) 
  • How can I show my true value in the interview and get the company to hire me?
    - Thursday May 26 @ 9 am (Central time) 

All on our Career Confidential Facebook Page!

These free talks are part of our special Memorial Day Promotion for Veterans:

Mission: Transition Memorial Day Sale

For a short time only, we are offering this collection of job-getting tools and coaching specifically for active duty military and military veterans at 80% off!

Be sure to check it out! See you on Facebook!


How to Negotiate Your Salary Amazon eReport

Salary negotiations really begin the first time they ask you a money question in the interview, such as 'How much money do you make in your current job?' or 'What are your salary expectations?' The dance continues through the interview and into your 'official' negotiations when you get the job offer. The steps you take in this dance can make a huge difference in the compensation and benefits you get at the start as well as raises, bonuses, and your salary in your next job.

Salary negotiations may make you nervous, but you don't need to be. In this short report, I show you how to use positive negotiation tips that will help you approach all salary discussions with confidence, make you more money and keep everyone (you and your future employer) happy.

Click on the image to get a free preview of this report, and then absolutely get it for yourself today on Amazon: How to Negotiate Your Salary.




What Is Targeting in an Executive Resume?

targeted executive resumeFor many people, executive resumes are the most difficult to master, which is why many executives looking for new jobs seek professional resume writing services. So what does it take to craft winning executive resumes that gets you hired? Targeting is the master key.

What Is Targeting?

Targeting means catering your job hunting efforts to a specific role in the industry you hope to work for so you know exactly how to market yourself to potential employers. To do this, it is a good idea to research the field you’re trying to break into. This will tell you what is expected of you and can give you a sense of how to reformat your search efforts.
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America's Job Openings Near Record High ... Great News, Except ...

America Job Skills GapMaybe you've seen the news that America's job openings are near a record high of 5.8 million (see this story from CNN Money).  That sounds like great news, but read on in that story and you'll see the catch: the job skills gap.
According to the article, employers are having a hard time finding people with the skills they want for the jobs they have open. Part of the problem is a real gap in the education needed for certain jobs, but for a lot of these jobs, employers' expectations are running a little too high. They want people who are ready to run on Day 1, who don't need any training in order to do the job. They got used to being able to ask for and get 'perfect' job candidates during the recession, and haven't all adjusted yet.

This is causing a problem for a lot of candidates. When you look at online job postings, you'll see a lot of overwhelming job requirements in their ads and think, "There's no way they'll look at me." If you respond to the posting and apply online so that your application goes to HR, that's probably true.  Now what?

If you know you can do the job even though you don't have all that the employer is asking for in an applicant, here's what you can do:
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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Ask

If you don't ask, you don't get.

~ Stevie Wonder


This is a simple quote that tells it like it is. I like it because I work with job seekers all the time who are afraid to contact hiring managers directly to ask for an interview.

If you find yourself hesitating to take action, I want you to think about something:  What's the worst that can happen? The worst that can happen is that the answer will be 'no.'  That's it. It doesn't hurt you and it doesn't derail your career if they say no. The truth is that sometimes they will say yes.  If you don't ask, you don't get.

If you're willing but you're not quite sure how to get it done, get my Hidden Jobs Finder. It will tell you exactly how to find the job opportunities you need and what to say to hiring managers to get the interview.  You don't have to agonize over it. Just do it.

Want some motivation and encouragement? Come to one of our Free Online Job Search or Interview Training Webinars this week. I pack my webinars with top-notch tips, insights, and advice that will help you be more successful.  (Plus, we give free gifts for registering and attending each webinar.)

See what's on the schedule this week:  Career Confidential Free Training Webinars Page.



30 60 90 Day Plan Lands Senior Management Job with Global Company

30 60 90 Day Plan Lands Job Offer from Global CompanyhI was asked the other day if 30-60-90-Day Plans work to get job offers outside of the US.  I wanted to share Amrut's story with you so you can see how effective these plans are all over the world, with large companies (and small), at executive levels.  Amrut struggled in his job search until he utilized a 90-Day Plan. It made all the difference. Congratulations, Amrut!

Dear Peggy McKee

Greetings of the day

I wish to express my gratitude to you for all the advice you provided through your webinars. After having spent considerable amount of money and having registered myself on numerous job sites and trying in vain to land a senior management level job, I had almost given up. Then one day I found you on LinkedIn and registered myself for one of your very practical and informative webinars....I was very impressed and then as suggested, I prepared a 30-60-90 day action plan. This plan was also [reviewed] by you and I was given a go ahead to put it to practical use and I did.

Then came an opportunity for an interview with a renowned European entity with worldwide presence. I implemented your suggestions and studied the organization and prepared a 30-60-90 day action plan. I felt very confident even before I attended the interview. When I presented the 30-60-90 day action plan, the interviewer was pleased and he mentioned that he was looking for a prepared candidate like me and straightaway I was offered the position of MD & Country Manager. A copy of my 30-60-90 day action plan was requested.

I am grateful to you for this positive advice at a very critical juncture in my career and life itself. I owe my success entirely to you and the fabulous practical and timely advice you gave me.

I hope our paths will cross again and I have an opportunity to meet you in person.

Yours sincerely and a grateful

Amrut Desai

We offer 30 60 90 Day Plans for all levels, from beginning to executive positions, and I strongly encourage  you to get your own plan and put it together so you can stand out in your next interview and get the job offer, too.

30-60-90-Day Action Plans

30-60-90-Day Sales Plans (specifically for sales jobs)

30-60-90-Day Plans for Managers

30-60-90-Day Plans for Executives

I also invite you to attend one or more of Career Confidential's Job Search and Interview Training Webinars so you can learn how to job search more effectively (no more registering on

Check out our Free Training Webinars Page to see what topics we're covering this week.



LinkedIn for the Job Search Amazon eReport

Tips and Tricks to Using LinkedIn Like a Pro That You Won’t Learn From LinkedIn


More than 80% of employers and recruiters search for potential employees on LinkedIn. If you want to attract them like a magnet to your profile and get them to contact you about great jobs, this is the report you need.

Click the image below for a preview of the report and then get this Amazon LinkedIn eReport.

Get my LinkedIn for the Job Search Amazon ereport and make the power of LinkedIn work for you.


How to Makeover Your Resume for Social Media Marketing

Job Search Resume Social MediaIn the past decade, the job market has been adapting to the growing technological age we live in today. Naturally, this means the old ways of job hunting are on their way out, and those who are searching for a new career have to adapt their application methods in a way that helps them market themselves to today’s hiring managers. This is vitally important for those interested in getting into social media professionally because the entire industry thrives on snappy marketing and wit by nature. Here is some advice to help aspiring social media marketers spice up their resumes and LinkedIn profiles and land better job opportunities.

Focus on Your Skills

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Monday Motivator for Your Job Search – Fan Possibility Into Achievement

Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.

~ Golda Meir


How do you make the most of yourself and fan possibility into achievement? I think you do it by always investing in yourself--by reading books, talking to people, and doing the things that are difficult or that scare you a little.

Read books that sharpen your mind for work or for the things you need to do to open opportunities for yourself (like networking, job searching, leadership, management, etc.). Learn new things.

Talk to people around you (your network) and get a mentor or two to bounce ideas off of and learn from.

Do things that others won't do. Even if you only try or achieve 10% more than others, that still sets you apart.  Make the effort to find hidden jobs.  Create a brag book (and bring it to your interview). Bring a 30-60-90-Day Plan to your next interview.

Learn more and set yourself apart by coming to one of our Free Online Job Search or Interview Training Webinars this week. I pack my webinars with top-notch tips, insights, and advice that will help you be more successful.  (Plus, we give free gifts for registering and attending each webinar.)

See what's on the schedule this week:  Career Confidential Free Training Webinars Page.



Conference Call Monday - 5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search

Peggy McKee Job Search Interview CoachingCall me Monday May 9th @ Noon (Central Time) for...

5 Simple Tips to Beat Age Discrimination in Your Job Search


- No sign up required - just show up!

 - Q&A time - bring your questions!

- Resume tips for those with 20+ years of experience!

- How to find jobs and get interviews!

- How to interview and get the offer!


How to Join the Conference Call

Simply dial in and enter your Participant Access number.
Dial-In Number:  Philadelphia, PA  +1 (267) 930-4000
Participant Access: 101-916

To join the conference from your iPhone, click this link:

To mute your line, press *#6 on your keypad.

Talk to you soon!