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How to Get a Sales Job (If You’ve Never Worked In Sales)

sales interviewLanding your first job in sales (with no experience) can be difficult, but not impossible.  Here are 3 great tips for landing a sales job:

1.  Work the "Do-It-Yourself" plan.

  • Arrange a ride-along with a sales rep. See what a typical day is like. Ask questions about the job, find out how to be competitive in the job search and once you get the job. Get a few names to call from places they sell to.
  • Use the field preceptorship (job shadowing) to fill your resume with keywords that will make sure it's noticed by computerized tracking systems. Your resume should have a sales focus and also highlight your technical background in your field.

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Hottest Jobs of 2015 and 2016

HotJobsWhere are you in your career? Happily employed? Just got out of college? Looking for another job?

The year 2015 marks the time when the majority of post World War II baby boomers will turn 60, which means many of them will retire or move to other careers. What does that mean for the rest of us? More positions will open up, especially in the healthcare sector.

Wherever you are in your professional life, this list can help you choose the path to follow. Here are the top in-demand jobs for 2015 and 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS):

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How Can Career Coaching Help You Get the Interview and Land the Job?

career-coachingA career coach can be a job seeker's best friend.  Just as an athletic coach trains an athlete to improve and achieve more, a career coach can help a professional focus and hone skills to reach a higher level of success.  Good career coaching can help you

  • transition into a new career area,
  • beat out more experienced competition as an entry-level candidate, or
  • gain an edge in a very competitive job market.

As a career coach, I often get questions like:

  • "I am sending my resume but I can't get interviews. What can I do?"
  • "I've been downsized / laid off / fired.  How can I explain this to employers?"
  • "How can I transition from pharmaceutical to medical sales?"
  • "I get interviews but I don't get any job offers. "

Customized career coaching can solve all of these problems.

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4 Smart Ways to Follow People on LinkedIn

Here is a great post from Bruce Bixler!

LinkedIn Business Intelligence: 4 Ways to Follow People on LinkedIn


LinkedIn Business Intelligence, Ninja Tactics, and Guerilla strategies on how to follow people on LinkedIn to gather information. There are many reasons you may want to follow another person on LinkedIn. One way is to gain business intelligence for a sales meeting. A second way would be to find out what groups a business owner is in. Another is to gather information about a hiring manager for an interview.

The first way to follow people is to follow their companies on LinkedIn. You have always been able to follow companies. If the business is a target company, sign up to follow that company. Check the home page to see if there is a career page. If the company is hiring maybe they are expanding and in growth mode. The most important thing in following a company is that LinkedIn will show you all of your connections (1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree connections) that you may have within that company.

Tip: on the company page click on the number of followers for that company. The number is a hyperlink that will show you all of the followers of that company. Unfortunately you have to scroll through each and every one of them. Makes it difficult if there are 200,000 followers of a company.
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Show your Stuff by Using your LinkedIn Skill Words/Phrases


LinkedIn Skill Words/Phrases are important for your success using LinkedIn. However, don’t just leave them in the skills area. You have to get creative and deliberate about the use of these skill words.

I asked LinkedIn to share with us exactly what fields are searched by the LinkedIn search tool. They declined to share this information. That’s OK - my testing answered the question for us.

There are at least eight, (yes 8) areas of your LinkedIn Profile where you should put the words and phrases that present your Skills and Expertise. Spreading these words out across your LinkedIn Profile is one way to improve the chance your profile is viewed by the right people and for you to be perceived as a professional in regards to the skill words you use.

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Monday Motivator – Take Risks In Your Job Search


Take risks: if you win, you will be happy;
if you lose, you will be wise.
- Author Unknown


If I take a risk and try something new and it fails, I don't think of it as a failure.  I think of it as a learning experience.  Don't get me wrong...winning is better. :)  But we all learn from everything that we do.

Your job search can feel like a time when everything is a risk. For some, that means that they don't try much...they don't step out of their comfort zone, and that holds them back.  I encourage you today to step out.  Take a risk.  You can't win if you don't at least try.

I run into a lot of job seekers who are afraid to take my advice to directly contact hiring managers.  They feel that it's too risky.  They don't want to be a bother.  They don't want to make anyone mad.  That's the wrong way to look at it.

Contacting hiring managers is less of a risk than you think.  Great managers always want to know about someone who could be a fantastic solution or a needed resource for their company.  Knowing about you and what you can do for them is always a positive.  And when you do, you exponentially increase your chances of getting interviews.

If you don't know how to get started contacting hiring managers, or you want a proven way to do it that eliminates the risk, check out my Hidden Jobs Finder, which puts you in front of lots of hiring managers for potential jobs and gets you multiple interviews.



‘Retiring from the Military – Landed My Dream Job!’

MilitaryMan (2)I love this job search success story--just in time for Veterans' Day.


I am retiring from the military in two months. My first interview was not good, but in my post interview review I found you. Your system is a great one - I nailed all of the subsequent phone interviews and my face to face interview. The result is I landed my dream job against some stiff competition. The brag book was a game changer and when I brought out the 30-60-90 day plan I could sense the deal was sealed. Thanks!

Cheers, TLR

Not sure about brag books? See Brag Book Essentials for Every Job Hunter.

Here's a great post for phone interviews: Phone Interview Tips (and you get a free download!)

Make sure to check out How to Answer Interview Questions, too!


4 Easy Networking Tips for Your Job Search and Career

canstockphoto16503259For a great job search and continuing career opportunities, you need to build and maintain a good network--but many people don't know how to do this well.

Here are 4 keys to give you have the kind of professional network that will serve you well in your job search and career:

1.   Contact your current contacts.

When's the last time you gathered up a list of all the people you know and have met in your work life?  I bet the number of people you know would surprise you.  Now--how many of those would you feel comfortable contacting for a job lead?  Probably not so many. The key to being able to tap this resource (your network) when you need it is to nourish it when you don't.  Here's how:

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I found your obituary online and I won’t hire you

This may sound awful, but I hope it makes you think about your LinkedIn Profile a little bit.

“IObituaries list the companies and positions the recently departed worked, the charities they were involved in, their interests and hobbies. Often the obituary lists the family members, surviving and otherwise. Obituaries don't connect the professional development, skills, expertise and experiences from the past positions to the current (or most recent) positions.

Many professional LinkedIn Profiles do the same thing. They list the companies the LinkedIn member worked at, the positions they held, the work they did, their interest, hobbies, groups and associations the member has been involved in. Most LinkedIn profiles have such little information on them I have to wonder if the member actually died before completing the profile.

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ESL Job Search Tools

ESLIf English is your second language, finding a job can be difficult.  It's important to sound confident when you are speaking with potential employers but not only can this be tough on the best of days, the language barrier can add an extra obstacle.  Here is an excellent tool to help you practice job interview answers so that you can speak to employers confidently and get the job offer:

Job Interview Questions and Answers Video Series

This series consists of 50 different videos where I ask a job interview question that you can answer on your own, and then you can play my answer.  Compare both, and easily see how to improve your answers immediately. These are the answers that will get you hired.

I've been hearing many comments from folks who aren't as comfortable with English telling me that they love this tool.  I encourage you to give it a try and see for yourself.



Education or Work: What’s Right For Your Career?

education or workWhen you are met with a deluge of choices on how your career should go, it can be difficult to make the right decision. There are many different factors that can affect how you proceed into working life. Making the right decision is imperative. After all, choosing your career should be something that you are keen to embark on for the rest of your life.

For many, they are often met with a choice of going into education or going straight into work. Both have advantages and disadvantages. As with everything in life, it’s not a clear-cut strategy.

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Get That Sales Job Interview with a Keyword-Packed Resume

Resume-KeywordsTo get a recruiter's or a hiring manager's attention for a sales job, you need to pack your resume with keywords relevant to the sales arena you want. Recruiters, hiring managers, and Human Resource departments use computer searches and applicant tracking systems, searching with keywords to find resumes worth looking at further.

If you have experience, this should be relatively easy--but it would be a good idea to go ahead and check out job descriptions and listings to make sure you have the keywords they will use.

If you're new to the area and don't have much experience, you'll have to be a little more creative. (That does NOT mean you should lie on your resume. That's always a bad idea, and you're sure to be found out eventually.) You'll have to look outside of traditional job histories to get the keywords you need for a sales resume.

Potential sources for sales resume keywords:

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Please throw away my resume


Here are a few recycling activities I hope you're not participating in:

- Mailing your resume to an un-named person
- Asking your friends to take your resume to the office
- Handing out copies of your resume at job fairs
- Leaving copies of your resume at the front desk of local businesses

Yes, I agree these activities may periodically result in a job, however more often than not, they don’t result in value.

Here are a few activities that work better:

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How to Successfully Secure a Job as a Lawyer

The world of law has few job opportunities. Very few law graduates will obtain a job in the field of law. But, that doesn’t mean that this endeavour is pointless. On the contrary, you can secure your dream job as a lawyer. But, you need to use these steps. As with any job that you apply for, you need to have an amazing CV. You need to dazzle and wow in your interview. This is an excellent way to ensure that you make your mark during the interview process. While this may seem simple, it can prove to be difficult in a competitive industry.



Securing a job at a top law firm is not impossible. Follow these basic steps and make sure that you get the job of your dreams.

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Fine Eye For Detail? Incredible Jobs To Suit You

There are many different personality types in the world. People tend to fall into various personality groups. If you are struggling to find a job that suits you, you might want to consider choosing a job that suits your personality. If you are an observant person, there are many jobs that might suit you. Having a fine eye for detail is a skill in itself. Choosing a job that means you can use that skill will mean you'll excel. When you excel in a job, you enjoy it. Here are five incredible jobs that might suit you.



Art Critic

When you are an art critic, you need to ensure that you take a close look at each piece of art you see. It is easy to miss fine details and brush marks if you are not an observant person. What separates an art lover from an art critic is a high appreciation for detail. When an artist has spent a lot of time perfecting a piece, it is only fair that a critic notices his or her efforts. People who have a natural flair for observing things will find this role quite easy. If you can critique art and talk about it with knowledge, you can make a wonderful career.

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